Last Updated: Jul 4, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


Apr 16, 2017

Owner: Insane96

This pack is getting a v3 update soon! Check news on Discord server

Always claim the "Reload Quest" quest after every update to update the quests. You can even run the following command: "/bq_admin default load".

Join my discord server to know new features before releases for both modpack and mods!

How to install Alpha versions of the pack
How to install Beta or Release versions of the modpack
If you have Twitch App already installed, skip to 2m31s
I'll no longer answer people asking how to install the modpack

Who am I

Hi, I'm Insane, a (bad) programmer and "gamer".
I've decided to create this modpack to mostly play with my friends in a vanilla-ish way.
Then decided to polish it and change some things to make it a public modpack.

What's this pack

This pack was made to spice up vanilla by adding more blocks to build with for players that like to build, or even enhanced difficulty for hardcore players
Mods have changed Configs to make the pack better and more balanced. It's not just: downloaded mods, put in the mods folder, "I've made a modpack".

Tips for players that play for first time play this modpack

  • Minecraft difficulty affects lots of things in this pack. So if you like more the creative aspect of minecraft play in Easy. Otherwise Normal or Hard (hard is pretty ... well ... hard)
  • Get a good variety of food. You can't eat a food infinitely. You have to change type of foods to prevent not feeding you anymore.
  • Ores are biomes based. Check the Quest book formore infos.
  • Health and hunger are pretty differently handled in this pack. You regen health until you have 7 hunger but less health you have, slower it regens. But there's the Well Fed effect (obtained by eating) that will speed up a lot the health regeneration.
  • AFK Fish farms do not work!
  • Check the quest book to have a lot more infos about the pack.

Mod List (libraries, APIs, dependeces are not listed)

  • AI Improvements - Makes mobs AI less heavy to make the game run more smoothly
  • AppleSkin - More infos for food
  • ArmorChroma - Makes armor bar colored based on armor worn
  • Armor Sound Tweaks - Adds a sound whenever you equip armor (even from inventory)
  • Aroma Backup - Never, ever, trust mods
  • Baby Animals Model Swapper - Makes baby animals so f*kin' cute
  • Bed Patch - Fixes the bed bug where you get stuck in bed
  • Better Questing - Helpful to make players know mods
  • Better Railroad - Better and faster rails
  • Better Than Bunnies and Llamas - Adds some style to Rabbits and Llamas
  • BetterFPS - Who doesn't like 60Fps?
  • Blockcraftery - Make Stairs, Slabs and Walls of ANY material
  • Carbonado Ore - Adds a new top tier gem, found in bedrock
  • Chisel - Adds so many blocks variants
  • Color Utility - Let you write with colors in books and signs
  • CoralReef - Makes oceans sightly less boring
  • CraftTweaker - Some things have been disabled / changed
  • DietHoppers - Useful to interact behind the chests
  • Dungeon Tweaks - More mob types for structures
  • Dynamic Surroundings - Adds more sounds, more particles, more ALL
  • ExpandedBonemeal - Let you use bonemeal on sugar cane, cactuses and lilypads
  • ExtraAlchemy - More potions!
  • FastLeafDecay - Makes leafs decay faster.
  • FriendlyFire - You can no longer hit your pets (unless you shift)
  • Galaxite Ore - A new anti-void ore
  • Giacomo's Foundry - Recycle those useless things you get from spawners
  • Hunger Overhaul - Makes hunger more of a challenge than an hassle
  • IguanaTweaks Reborn - Used to change block hardness and some small other tweaks
  • IncreaseMobs - Does what it says
  • ItemPhysics Lite - Makes item on the ground shown better
  • ItemZoom - Because you want to see the block you're about to Chisel
  • JEI - No one remembers every recipe
  • Lapis Stay in the Enchanting Table - Does what he says
  • Login Shield - No more damage when entering the world
  • LootTweaker - Adding heads, better loot tables, and few vanilla tweaks
  • Magic Feather - I wanna fly
  • Malisis Doors - Custom doors
  • Menu Mobs - Adds some life into the main menu
  • MMD Orespawn - Biome based ores
  • Mo' Villages - Makes villagers spawn in every biome
  • Mob Spawner Control - Spawners are disabled after a while
  • Mobs Properties Randomness - Makes mobs more imprevedible with variable health, speed, etc.
  • Natural Baby Animals - Makes some animals spawn as baby
  • Natural Nether Portals - Makes broken and lit portals spawn naturally in Nether and Overworld
  • Nether Gold Ore - Makes worth spending some time in the nether
  • No Recipe Book - JEI is here
  • Ocean Floor - Makes ocean have Clay sand and dirt spawn at the bottom of the oceans
  • Pam's Cookables - Reintroduces some recipes removed from Pam's Harvestcraft
  • Pam's Harvestcraft - Lots of new crops and trees to farm
  • Passthrough Signs - Able to interact with blocks behind signs and item frames
  • Primitive Mobs - New mobs that keep the vanilla feeling
  • Progressive Bosses - Makes bosses always more harder the more you kill them
  • Quark - Just check yourself
  • Rainbow Oak Trees - Adds this new tree that has colored leaves
  • RealBench - Makes items stay in the crafting table
  • ReAuth - Let you login in-game (Invalid Session, you know?)
  • Resource Loader - Changing some textures
  • Rough Mobs - Makes some mobs have some special abilities
  • Ruins - Adds ... well ... ruins. Plus, thanks to 'greywolf' and 'ST753Mb', we got tons upon tons of more ruins! (in v2.1.6)
  • Serene Seasons - Adds seasons obiviously
  • Simple Grinder - You can double ores!
  • Snow Accumulation - Makes snow ... accumulate?
  • Sound Filters - Makes sounds better
  • Streams - Adds real flowing rivers!
  • SwingThroughGrass - You hate when you can't hit mobs through tall grass uh?
  • The Spice of Life - Spices up your diet
  • Toast control - No more Recipes and Tutorial notifications
  • Unlimited Chisel Works - MOOOOORE blocks
  • Vulcanite Ore - Adds a new ore in the nether that has special properties againist hotness
  • Wearable Backpacks - well, backpacks
  • Wopper - Wooden hopper to create simple contraptions

Recommended mods

  • Optifine - Makes the game run smoothly
  • VanillaFix - Use at own risk! Makes the game run about 3 times faster and fixes a few vanilla bugs


  • Mid-High Spec Computer
  • About 3 Gb of Ram

Server Requirements

  • About 3Gb of ram.
  • Recommended: Chunk PreGenerator mod to pregenerate world before playing to reduce lag when exporing

Youtube Series

Italian by Me :3

You're not allowed to redistribute this modpack anywhere without my permission.


1.11 Description


Hi, I'm Insane, a (bad) programmer and "gamer".
I've decided to create this modpack to mostly play with my friends in a vanilla-ish way.
Then decided to polish it and change some things to make it a public modpack.

I hate playing on older version, that's why this modpack is for 1.11.2.
I'll update to 1.12.1 too when all the mods (or mods that can replace not updated mods) are updated.

Mods have changed Configs to make the pack better and more balanced. It's not just: downloaded mods, put in the mods folder, "I've made a modpack"

Some tips and tricks:

-Get yourself a good and varied food source at the beginning, you'll need it
-Get yourself an Iron armor asap. Mobs are really tough
-You need to shift-right-click on item frames to add and rotate items in them, otherwise you'll interact with the block behind.

Mod List and what they do briefly (backstage mods, libraries, dependances, etc. are not listed)

AmbientSounds - Yay, birds tweeting and crickets ... cricketing
Armor Sound Tweaks - You get the (un)equipping sound of the armor even when you (un)equip it in the Inventory
Aroma Backup - Never Trust mods
Baby Mobs - Have you seen how Cute is the Baby Creeper?
Bed Bugs - Mojang Please (MC-92216)
Better Questing - To help people know every mod in the pack
Better Than Bunnies - Stylish Bunnies
Better Than Llamas - Stylish Llamas
BetterFps - Everyone likes 60fps
Better Title Screen - Just a few strings
Bloodmoon - A small challange?
Carbonado Ore - A new Bedrock ore, also known as Black Diamond
Chisel - MOAR Blocks!
Color Utility - Why not write 'Creeper' in Green color?
Craft Tweaker - To balance (and remove) some crafting recipes.
Dense Ores - Like Ores but with more Minerals!ì
Expanded Bonemeal - Make those Sugar canes and cactuses grow faster. You can even double Lily Pads, Vines and Dead Bushes
Fast Leaf Decay - Vanilla One is waaaay too slow
Felling - Make those tree fell on you
Friendly Fire - 'cause no one wants to hurt pets
Fullscreen Windowed Borderless - It's better for Youtubers / Streamers
Giacomo's Compass - No need to use coordinated anymore in vanilla style.
Giacomo's Foundry - Recycle useless things
Giacomo's Maps - Hate traveling thousand blocks to find a Mesa, Ice Spikes or Mushroom Island biomes? Got you covered
GoG Skybox - I love all those planets, rainbows and things
Hunger Persistance - Never suicide to get back hunger
HWYLA - You really need to know what are you looking at
JEI - No one remembers recipes ...
Lapis Stay in the enchanting Table - Simple, you can store Lapis in the enchanting table
Login Shield - You don't wanna die while loggin in
LootTweaker - To change some mob drops and chests loot
MiningTweaks - Make Mining sightly more hard
Mo' Villages - More biomes for villages!
Morpheous - For Server and Lan only 1/3rd of the players in the server must sleep to skip the night
Natural Baby Animals - About half the animals will spawn as baby
Nether Gold Ore - Makes the nether a little bit more interesting and useful
Pam's Get All Seeds - Get all vanilla seeds and Pam's seeds from tall grass
Pam's Harvestcraft - You need to have something to eat other than potatos and beef
Passthrough Signs - Actually Through Item Frames
Quark - Love this mod, fits so well in Vanilla
RealBench - Better stay in the crafting table you damn stick
ReAuth Mod - You don't hate when you need to reboot the game to join a server?
ResourceLoader - Changing some textures and things
Roguelike dungeons - A little bit of exploration?
Rough Mobs - Minecraft is too simple, right?
Simple Grinder - Easy (but not so easy) way to double ores!
Sound Filters - Echoes in caves, yay!
SwingThroughGrass - I hate when I can't hit baby mobs or chickens
The Spice Of Life - That's why the Pam's Harvestcraft mod is here
Unlimited Chisel Works - More chiselable blocks!
VillagersTradingTables - Adding some good trades to villagers
Vulcanite Ore - New Ore to Protect you from Fire and Lava!
Wearable Backpacks - A good option before the Shulker Box
Waystones - Teleportin all around

Optifine isn't in the pack as is not an approved mod but I highly recommend installing it


Mid Spec Computer
2GB Ram recommended if you play in Singleplayer, 1.5 GB in a Multiplayer server

Server Requirements:

At least 3GB of ram (but 4GB are recommended)
I recommend adding the Chunk PreGenerator mod and pregenerate the world to prevent lag while exploring

To download server files go here and check on the right side


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