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InsaneVanilla++ B

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InsaneVanilla++ B(ee)!

The pack has been updated to 1.15 with lots of new vanilla style mods. Bee aware of the Outerlands, explore the Autumn Fields or make a Pickarang. Also what about getting something better than Diamond or brand new Treasure Enchantments? But bee also aware of new Curses.

Patreon Server

Click the link to join Patreon below to play on the brand new server!

Just as Vanilla, but expanded

This pack is meant to enjoy vanilla as much as I do, but add many more possibilities, from Building, to Exploration, to Challenges


Support me on Patreon! Get access to early updates of mods plus a Patreon only Minecraft server!


Resource Packs


I highly recommend checking out XisumaVoid Vanilla Tweaks. It's a project with tons of small resource packs that enhance the vanilla experience, you can choose your own and just click download!

Vanilla Tweaks by Xisumavoid:

Pixel Reality: Atmosphere

Adds a beautiful sky and you only need Optifine


Mods List


Recommended mods

  • Optifine - Makes the game run smoothly, plus ZOOM


  • Low-Mid Spec Computer
  • About 2.5 Gb of Ram

Server Requirements

  • About 3 Gb of Ram with few players