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Filename Infitech
Uploaded by pyure_tk
Uploaded Jul 29, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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MD5 0ae219fb449dc5046111b3a771226a75
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Infitech 1.0.8


* Enable some NC-developed GT compatibility (for some machines, not all)
* Disable duplicate NC/GT recipes
* Fix Nichrome recipe generating 1 ingot instead of 5
* Add reward to "Get Ready to Fly"
* Add reward to "Dive Right In"
* Omnidirectional Hopper quest is now nbt-friendly
* "Bring what you Need" quest now allows any pressure tanks
* Added aluminium ingots to ore:ingotAluminum. This probably won't break anything. Maybe.
* Added Rocket Assembling Machine task to one of the Silicon quests, I forget which one
* Moon Turf now properly generates Helium rather than Helium 3
* Fixed some scripts using wrong wrench oredict.


Mods Updated
* FTB Lib, FTB Quests, FTB Backups
* Applied Energistics
* Nuclearcraft


* I tried to scrutinize what was getting released with the NC compatibility configuration, but I'm sure I missed all kinds of exciting/breaking stuff. Let me know!

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