Infitech 3

10,447 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 6, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

From the makers of the popular Infitech 2 pack:


Emerge from your primitive existence and learn to extract the metallic bounties of the earth. 

Raise factories that fill the skies with the breathy noise of industry.

Shun the earth as your rockets strive for the moon, the planets, the stars.

Seize the very essense of reality between your fingers as you learn to dominate the energies of magic, matter and time.

Challenges, anguish and rewards await, crafter. Are you ready? Are you prepared to master INFITECH 3?


In standard Infitech fashion, this modpack focuses heavily on Technology (Gregtech CE), with a minor focus on Magic (Thaumcraft, Botania) to round things out.


Infitech 3 is heavily scripted and modified in order to provide an exploit-light experience and allow players to appreciate both popular and unusual mods, and reward those who take more inventive approaches to problems.



* Something's missing?  Let us know about it.  Maybe we forgot something!

* Having a problem?  We appreciate issues reported in whatever way is simplest for you, but honestly, it's best for everyone if you post it at our Github Issues list.

* Want a conversation?  Join us at our Infitech discord:



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