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Filename Infitech
Uploaded by pyure_tk
Uploaded Jun 29, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 22.77 MB
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MD5 aa9b3ac5cb52a645e7786fb6dcbfb048
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Mods Updated

* GregTech

* Iron Chests

* Advanced Rocketry + LibVulpes

* FTB Lib, FTB Quests, FTB Money, FTB Utilities, FTB Backups

* Pneumaticraft

* Chisel & Bits (and reverted a config we disabled on last release)




* Reduced cost of Itemducts a bit since GT has no native item pipes

* XNet controllers now only consume energy on transaction instead of passively.  Advice: fine-tune your channels to reduce transactions!

* Forestry Worktable quest now adjacent to Basic Tools

* Quest Info regarding EBF powering

* Quest Info regarding the FFS multiblock in For Fluids' Sake

* Overworld worldgen is now tied to that dimension.  We may have broken some dimension's worldgen that we forgot about. Let us know.

* Thorium Fuel Processing overhaul (See below)

* Beryllium Veins now generate Beryllium surface rocks instead of Thorium

* Olivine veins on Luna now spawn Chromite instead of Glauconite

* Shrank all overworld veins a bit

* Shrank overworld Platinum veins considerably

* Removed Iridium from Overworld Platinum veins

* Overhauled/Gregged the Luna worldgen (including giving it a proper Platinum vein btw)

* Fixed broken RFTools Syringe recipes

* Removed Pitchblende vein from OW, added it to Luna

* Gregged Pneumaticraft ironman suit + micromissiles

* Added some new tips

* Removed some janky chemical reactor recipes for oxidizing some NC fuels

* Re-enabled the NC Fluid Infuser (for now) to oxidize stuff

* Configured Large Gas Turbine to output a higher bonus EU amount. (Not tested, need feedback)

* Clay Water Bucket now member of listAllWater

* Fixed Calculation Circuit using wrong recipe input

* Fixed Remote Storage recipe missing circuit input

* Dead Bush can now be centrifuged into dirt at low %

* De-unified netherrack ore variants (Nether Iron Ore won't unify into Overworld Iron Ore, etc)

* Unified Rutile ores

* Changed default AE2 power configuration to show RF instead of AE energy

* Burning Rubber quest now requires 1 rubber sheet instead of 4

* Replaced GT Chest quest with an Iron Chest quest (and moved it)

* Gregged up bone-meal processing.  Processing bones by hand is now only good for 1 bone meal

* Changed Pressure Chamber quest to require 23 pressure chamber blocks

* Magnetic Rods quest now provides advice on where to get redstone

* Fission Reactor Casing recipe nerfed to generate 2 casings instead of 4


Thorium Fuel Processing

* Isotope Separator now produces tiny clumps instead of full sized ones from Thorium Dust/Ingots

* Added a few new thorium compounds and machine recipes (Chemical Bath and Chemical Reactor) to extract as much thorium as possible from Monazite

* You can "escape" the new thorium chain at any time by just electrolyzing the outputs.  But for best results, finish the chain.

* Thorium Ore no longer spawns in Beryllium veins (or anywhere right now)

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