Infitech 3

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Filename Infitech
Uploaded by pyure_tk
Uploaded Jun 16, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 22.75 MB
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MD5 1d2927bf4215185490a524632bf815f6
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Infitech 3 1.0.4


Mods (Re) Added
* Thaumic JEI. Warning: I removed this due to "memory concerns" at one point but I'm not sure those were valid concerns. This allows you to see recipes we've modified in Thaumcraft (such as the Block Breaker Seal)


Mods Updated
* GregTech
* Deep Resonance
* RFTools
* XNet
* RFTools Control
* McJtyLib
* ElecCore


* Added PneumaticCraft Assembly Line recipes to convert non-SMD components to SMD (because I hate having leftover parts)
* Added Mending, Silk Touch books to shop
* libvulpes Machine Structure assembling table recipe now requires a config circuit (prevents conflict)
* Added Bee Smoker requirement to first bees quest; added quest name, description, reward
* Disabled "enableChiselCrafting" config option (for now) to prevent a nasty chisel duplication bug
* Added Botania Alchemy recipe to convert Certus Quartz -> Prismarine
* Added custom tool handling for Cobalt (was broken in GT update)
* Reworked Compacting Drawer recipes. You now make the half-versions by hand first, and assemble them into Full versions (at higher tier)
* "Epoxy" quest now requires 1B Sulfuric Acid instead of 125mb (because submitting fluids in FTBquests is wonky enough)
* Sturdy Machine Frames now have a Compressed Wrought Iron recipe versions
* Change second bees quest to indicate that Any Queen will do. (Technically its still trying to filter for specific queens, but FTBQuests nbt filtering is broken, so any will work)
* "Aqueducts" quest is now moved to coincide with "Some Tools are Better than Others"
* Combat Maid Hear Gear and Gaia Pylon recipes gated (Thanks Furian)

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