Infitech 3

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Filename Infitech
Uploaded by pyure_tk
Uploaded May 20, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 22.77 MB
Downloads 270
MD5 1020bced822206c57d2ff0608424515f
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Infitech 3-1.0.1

  • Fixed ae2 blank pattern recipe
  • Fixed basic solar panel recipe
  • Added implosion compressor recipe for diamond dust (probably temp until GT adds its own
  • Nerfed/gregged chest transporter recipes
  • Fixed Gendustry upgrade frame recipe
  • Added new quest for MV chemical reactor
  • Added recipe for Radaway (filled item)
  • Tweaks to nano-processor chemistry quests/rewards to enhance clarity
  • Oil quests are now optional
  • Added task regarding PC refinery
  • Can now use lubricant cells in Speed upgrades (possibly could before actually)
  • Added ethanol quests before polyethylene quest
  • Manasteel pickaxe now requires aluminium and doesn’t mine as fast
  • GT Flour now oredicted with Pam’s variant
  • OpenBlocks tanks no longer show in JEI with a filled variant for every fluid (because it was spammy and annoying)
  • Fixed inability to make AE inscriber press
  • Reduced cost of Hang Glider
  • Removed a duplicate (and too-early) quest regarding efficient circuits
  • Fixed a bunch more AE2 recipe script errors
  • Fixed iron frame recipe script with Adv. Generators
  • Lowered cost of OpenBlocks tanks
  • Added Yellow Garnet ore to Manganese veins, mostly so people can more easily get yellow lenses
  • Replaced Pure Certus -> Certus Block recipe with 16-pure-certus version
  • Disabled Buildcraft Pipe Shards from spawning when you break fluid pipes
  • Reduced cost of Redstone Engine
  • BC pipes now a bit cheaper/more accessible
  • Removed exploit that let you get polyethylene from Plastic Mixer by melting plastic sheets (you now get Oil back, if you consider transforming polyethylene -> oil an exploit)
  • Fixed more rogue oredict instances of “rodABC” instead of “stickABC”
  • Added more oil types to the PC plastic mixer (THANKS DESHT)
  • Added very-cheap-polyethylene recipes to PC plastic mixer (THANKS DESHT)
  • Increased base draw rate of wooden pipes considerably
  • Fixed weird exploit where you could auto-smelt iridium ore with an enchanted pickaxe

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