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This is a combat, adventure, high-difficulty modpack. During the Journey of Infinity, you can craft powerful weapons and equipment to become a weapon master, or learn magic or alchemy, become a magician or alchemist. But that's just part of your journey, and in the world of Infinity, there are all sorts of huge dungeons waiting to be explored. With all kinds of powerful monsters, can you defeat many bosses and become a hero? 


  • Tons of weapons and enchantments.
  • A variety of dungeons are available for players to explore.
  • Extremely powerful monsters and bosses.
  • A lot of trinkets and artifacts.
  • Monster strength adjustments make monsters more difficult to deal with.
  • Install some optimized mods to increase your frame count.


  • Wooden and stone tools are disabled, please get bone tools to make bones in the early stage.
  • The difficulty of the game will increase over time.
  • Pay attention to your moisture, hunger and body temperature, and try to survive.
  • The monsters in the dungeon are basically very strong, be careful.
  • Raw materials are obtained by smelting armor and tools.
  • Emeralds are no longer the universal currency, defeating monsters or looting loot to gain wealth.
  • Traveling merchants will have a chance to sell powerful enchantment books.
  • The experience bottleneck of the anvil has been removed, Feel free to create your enchanted god suit.
  • Use special hearts with different attributes to customize your health bar.
  • Defeat the enhanced Wither and Ender Dragons.
  • Follow the Soul Star in the cold group in search of the trail of the boss "Night Lich".
  • Follow the Void Lily to find the boss "Void Blossom" in the bedrock layer cave and defeat it.
  • Find the boss "Gauntlet" in the buildings of the Nether and defeat it.
  • Find the boss "Obsidilith" in the End and defeat him.
  • Build an altar in the Nether to summon the boss "Blackstone Golem" and defeat it.
  • Defeat the boss "Void Shadow" in the mysterious dimension and qualify for hatching dragon eggs.
  • Hatch the dragon egg into a ender dragon and make a dragon saddle to ride.
  • Make a mysterious altar to explore the new dimension "Ring of Eden".
  • More awaits you to explore...