A Vanilla+ Modpack. Extremely low difficulty, suitable for new players. 



At present, only simplified Chinese is supported, and traditional Chinese and English may be supported in the future.


特色 / Features:

  • 这里没有过于强大的怪物,过于复杂烧脑的机器,你可以轻松惬意地游玩。如果你愿意,甚至可以极限生存。
  • 超多的生物群系和结构,主世界、下界、末地三个维度均有,开启光影后,画面的每一帧都值得成为你的壁纸。
  • 完善的功能性辅助模组,小地图、血量显示、装备显示、一键整理、连锁砍树、鼠标整理等模组一应俱全。
  • 配有一系列优化模组,大幅降低内存占用并提高帧数。
  • 更多实用的物品,奇特的药水和附魔,更多新奇的方块、生物,一些独特的自定义配方。
  • 生存多元化,包含了建筑、探索、种植、红石、存储、运输等方方面面的模组。
  • 自制百科全书,内含大量游戏内容介绍,配合REI使用,带你了解游戏中的各种模组、各种物品的玩法和功能。
  • 带有服务端,且增加了一些适合多人游戏使用的模组,推荐多人游玩。
  • 各种改善游戏体验的轻量化模组。


  • No too powerful monsters or too complex brain burning machines here. You can play easily and comfortably or play the hardcore mode.
  • A lot of biomes and structures in overworld, nether, and the end. If you open the shader, every frame of the game screen can be used as your wallpaper.
  • Perfect functional auxiliary mods, including Xaero's Minimap, InventoryHUD, InventoryProfilesNext, FallingTree, MouseTweaks and so on. 
  • It is equipped with a series of optimization mods to greatly reduce the memory occupation and increase the number of frames.
  • There were more practical items, peculiar potions, enchantment, novel blocks, creatures, and some unique customized recipes.
  • The game content was varied, including buildings, exploration, planting, red stones, storage, transportation and other aspects.
  • Include a self-made encyclopedia, which contains a number of game content introduction, so that you can learn all the mods in this modpack.
  • It also has a serverpack and adds some mods that were suitable for multiplayer games. It was recommended for playing with your friends.
  • Various lightweight mods to improve the game experience.


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数据包 & 资源包 / Datapacks & Resourcepacks