Indeed HQM

1,028 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 20, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10

Indeed HQM was originally designed for a server community called indeed. Unfortunately the community closed and the pack was lost. Recently a fellow community member found the pack and I decided to update all the mods to their latest versions and add / remove a few mods. 


This pack was heavily designed and maintained by Leonoor8. The community added quest chapters to help other players but the majority of the work lies on her shoulders.


If you are a new member to modded minecraft this pack is designed to help you get started. Those who also enjoy the grind quests you are also catered for but make sure you get the reputation needed.


Offering some of the most loved mods like ae2, tinkers and thaumcraft to name a few, this pack also adds some less used mods like nuclearcraft and grow able ores.


For Thaumcraft lovers you will find a well crafted light and dark side to the questing system but be warned that the dark side is locked and only accessible once you prove your worth with the light side.


Follow the quest book to help you get started and guide you with the mods. There are a total of 640 quests. Ranging from survival, farming, magic and tech.


If you aren't a quests lover you will also find this pack great as a kitchen sink play the way you want to style.




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