Requiem Experience

2,384 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 11, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2

Welcome to the Requiem Experience. This is a kitchen sink modpack. There have been changes made that are meant to extend the longevity of the pack. Main progression will start with Tinker's construct and lead into Immersive engineering and then into more advanced tech mods like Ender IO and Mekanism.


Here is where you can start branching off into other mods. Feel like doing some flower magic? Do some Botania. What about plant magic? Do some Roots. How about harnessing the power of the Earth in the mod Embers. All three are fantastic magic mods. There is also Animunda for all of your custom magic mod needs and desires.


In this pack I've tried bringing together some more familiar mods while introducing some lesser known mods.


For those of you that like to farm there is Pam's Harvestcraft and Mystical Agriculture. There's even some animal breeding with Better Agriculture. 


Here is a link to the full modlist:


This modpack brought to you by the Requiem of a pickaxe community, come check us out at


Note that this modpack has not been fully tested and that some things can break or you may find some bugs. I'd highly recommend reporting these issues either here or on the mod author's github.


This pack includes Foamfix credit to Asie:

This pack includes Mekanism credit to AidanBrady:


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