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Incepticube is exactly what it sounds like – cubes inside cubes, dimensional pockets inside pockets.

On spawning you are provided with an initial dimensional pocket, which is imperative to use immediately, as the outside environment withers you. This pocket is great – you are able to craft and build and progress, not least because you also spawn with a dimensional pocket some chance cubes, a piece of dirt, some milk to combat the early wither, and some other bits. Is luck going to be on your side? Will you open the Chance Cubes in the pocket so you don’t lose valuable resources they may drop? Beware the blocks can be as nasty as they can be kind. Dare I say Wither? The choices are all yours!

Before long claustrophobia sets in. Thankfully, crafting additional dimensional pockets within the initial dimensional pocket allows you to expand outwards on your build without braving the outside wither effect. Before long you’ll realise that something a little extra is needed – what a shame that mobs can’t spawn inside. Happy days when you notice the fact that throwing nuggets on the floor spawns mobs allowing you to gather the oh so helpful mob drops from them.

No other mod pack is based around the restrictions of a dimensional cube. This is something that forces you to think outside of the box (excuse the pun). You can use the skills you have already developed from other more traditional Skyblock based mod packs, but with a twist. Only a limited amount of items can be contained within one dimensional pocket, so it is your decision as to how you manage this. On top of this the dimensional pocket is 14x14x14 blocks, so the space is limited – make sure to use it wisely!

When you’ve been round the block a few times (again, excuse the pun) with mod packs on Minecraft it’s hard to find something a little different. This is why EVERYONE should at least try Incepticube. To best sum this pack up is to say: fun and creatively challenging in equal balance.

Remember, the cube is your safety.





Server Files Now Available! - Playing Incepticube with friends is even more fun! More cubes to start and more resources from the offset...




Please note: This is the first edition of the pack so expect some possible changes, maybe some bugs (we hope not) and maybe some balancing. But thank you so much for helping us to make it great and taking a chance on our new pack! Please do post bugs, crashes and ideas or issues in the comments with logs, help us to help you <3



Created on stream byOCDiary


Contributions by: Chris_Eclipse and TheDarkStone43



Includes OCNuggets - Developed by OCDiary (The modpack creator) for this modpack specifically


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