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Are you a modpack maker? Do you also stream on a streaming platform? Do you wish more people could find your channel easily if they enjoy your modpack? 

If you answered yes to the above questions do not worry... WE HAVE THE ANSWER!!!


This mod renders an icon onto the screen which will highlight red when you go live! When users click the icon, they will get a drop down of streamers who are live, when they hover over them they will get information about their streams, such as title, viewer count, game, oh and if they press the Shift a stream preview will pop up! What could be better than that you ask??? Well with a simple click on the icon their native browser will open and take them directly to your livestream! So they can get to your broadcast in seconds!!!


The mod has a full GUI config where many of the features can be configured to your liking. To get to the GUI simply ALT-Left Click to get to the menu, then edit the various options!









Can I use your mod in my modpack?

Yes 100% of course you can! Not only do we allow it, but we actively encourage it :P


Can you add this or that to the mod?

Its possible we may already be working on adding in a feature you would like in the mod. But drop a comment and we can do our best to get it implemented where possible!