567 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 25, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

*Updated to version 1.3* For change log, press "pages" link above on website.

Inanis is a modpack that focuses on completing quests to achieve rewards. The quest line will take the player through a number of mods for Minecraft version 1.12.2, including Botania, Extra Utilities 2, Tinkers Construct, Ender IO, Draconic Evolution, Twilight Forest, Thaumcraft 6, and Galacticraft. 

The word inanis is derived from the Latin word for "void." Your goal is to create a world from the void that you are given.

This modpack is designed to be played in the "Garden of Glass" world type, but can also work in the "Default" one.

Keep in mind, this pack has hardcore mode enabled, with three lives to start by default. More lives can be earned by completing quests. (If you want, hardcore mode can be disabled in-game).

To download, please install the Twitch/Curse client, search for "Inanis" and click Install.

Feel free to leave comments of feedback, questions, concerns, or bugs. Thanks for downloading!

 *If you wish to stream or post a video using this modpack, please link to the original project page*

Mod List (not including core mods):

Apple Skin

Aroma1997s Dimensional World



Better Advancements

Better Builder's Wands

Better Questing + Book + Expansion

Better FPS

Bonsai Trees

Botania + Garden of Glass

Chance Cubes

Chickens + More Chickens


Custom Backgrounds

Custom Main Menu

Dimensional Cake Rebuilt

Draconic Evolution

Ender IO

Ender Storage 1.8+

Ex Compressum

Ex Nihilo: Creatio

Extra Utilities

Extreme Reactors


GraveStone Mod


InGame Info XML

Inventory Tweaks

Journey Map

Just Enough Items

Loot Bags

More Overlays

Mouse Tweaks

Mystical Agradditions

Mystical Agriculture

No Recipe Book

Not Enough Wands


Ore Excavation



Quick Leaf Decay

Refined Storage

Resource Loader


Simply Jetpacks 2

Solar Flux Reborn

Storage Drawers

Thaumcraft + Thaumic Equivalence + Thaumic JEI

The Twilight Forest

Thermal Series

Tinkers Construct + Tinkers Tool Leveling

Tiny Progressions

Tree Growing Simulator


Includes Galacticraft. Original link to mod by Micdoodle8:



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