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Uploaded Sep 7, 2020
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0.10.0 - The Dimensional Dossier Update
- Added Corail Tombstone 4.0.0
- Remove MoonsCore (it was completely unused)
- Remove TombManyGraves 2
- Remove TombManyGraves2 API
- Remove TombManyPlugins - The Betweenlands
- Update Arcane Archives to
- Update Artifacts to 1.2.2
- Update Astral Sorcery to 1.10.27
- Update Bewitchment to
- Update BuildersBag
- Update CraftTweaker to
- Update CreativeCore to v1.10.20
- Update Dynamic Trees to 0.9.11
- Update Dynamic Trees - Nature's Aura to 1.0.2
- Update Dynamic Trees - The Aether to 1.0.8
- Update JEI to
- Update LibrarianLib to 4.22
- Update LittleTiles to v1.5.0-pre199_44
- Update MysticalWorld to 1.9.1
- Update MysticalLib to 1.9.0
- Update RandomPatches to
- Update Rats to 3.2.14
- Update Roots to 3.0.31
- Update Sledgehammer to 2.0.8
- Update The Aether to 1.5.1
- Update Wizardry to 0.11.1
- Add the Dimensional Dossier chapter to the book. Currently includes info on the Overworld, Nether and Misty World. More info for these dimensions, and other dimensions too, will be added in subsequent updates
- Fix typo in terra moss quest
- Add note about how to start Forest Rituals to 'Into the Woods' quest
- Add a little more info to the detox item descriptions
- Add more detail to Shulker box tooltip
- Add the Dimensional Dossier Category to the book (WIP)
- Add a tooltip to charcoal blocks about how they can sustain fire
- Add alternative recipe for Infused Pasture Seeds
- Enable Dynamic Trees worldgen. Not sure why this was off, but it's why we had normal trees in the Aether still
- Blacklist Overworld from Dynamic Trees worldgen, in case that was the reason it's worldgen was disabled overall
- Add tooltip to Automatic Breaker about it's extra functionality with a Bin
- Update "As Old as the Trees" advancement, book entry and associated recipes to make the Dynamic Trees Ancient Acorn instead of the Ancient Sapling
- Stop Wisps from dropping Essentia Crystals
- Tweak elemental crystal recipes a bit so that it's not viewed as the primary way to get them
- Add transmutation recipes cycling between the elemental crystals
- Add a new Wizardry related loading screen tip
- Remove Mana Pearls from Aether Loot, hopefully making it impossible to bypass the initial Botania setup before making the Luminous Crafting Table and Wand
- Change Upgraded Halo recipe's filename, resolves it not working on servers
- Redo Timber recipes from logs and planks so that Quarks Stair crafting buff doesn't cause a dupe bug
- Update loot display in quest "Shoot and Loot"
- Disable Bewitchment Silver armour and sword in favour of Mystical World's versions of them
- Allow Cathedral recipes using basalt to use the oredict, rather than 1 specific chisel variant
- Add Cambions to the gamestage locking of Bewitchment's Netherkin
- Disable Biome Crystals since they're currently non-functional (will re-enable if they get fixed)
- Disable Glowing Chorus Fruit
- Add Rabbits to Cutting, and have them spawn in the Misty World
- Enable harvesting of Misty World Mycelium without Silk Touch
- Various tweaks to Tombstone recipes to integrate with Blood Magic stuff
- Buff default chance of an enchanted Grave's Key to 25%. /back is still enabled for now, but once a bit more work can be done to make the enchanted key cheaper to craft, /back will be disabled.
- Add a note to the linking tool quest stating that crystal needs line of sight to the sky
- New recipes for BM ritual stones
- Tweak Garlic Bread recipe a bit, to fix weirdness and buff it
- Add tooltip to infused wood stating how to obtain it
- Add soul sand to conjuration catalyst building blocks multiplication, and remove conflicting conjuration recipes
- Blacklist Roots component and apothecary pouches from Inventory Sorting to avoid an item voiding bug
- temporarily remove the graves info entry from the book, needs to be rewritten for the change to Tombstone

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