Heavens of Sorcery

142,419 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 19, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2  

Heavens of Sorcery

The overworld is gone. What happened to it? You start on a small fragment, preserved by your father in a last ditch effort to save at least part of the overworld. Utilising the magic he teaches you, expand your world and explore others in a unique Magic only Skyblock Pack with completely custom progression and resource acquisition processes.

There is no 'skyblock companion' mod (eg ExNihilo, sky resources etc) - instead progression is enabled and pulled together from multiple different mods' mechanics, along with some completely custom aspects done with the likes of ContentTweaker and Scavenge. There is no AE2 or RS, but storage issues are addressed by a combination of Arcane Archives, and drastically increased stack sizes - most things stack to 8192!

Questing is presented through Vakzii's Patchouli mod, powered by advancements, with the book accessible from the player's inventory where the recipe book sits in vanilla. This enables a unique presentation of information to the player, where there are both quests (which can be completed and grant rewards), AND guidebook style entries to help with certain mechanics, and introduce the player to some things which can be nice to have, but aren't necessary for progression.


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For Content Creators

Graphics for the pack logo etc can be found within the pack's resources folder, for use in video thumbnails etc.



.If you are interested in purchasing a server to run the pack, I recommend Akliz hosting. Simply click the picture below to go to their website, and at the checkout use promotional code "tpl" to get a 20% discount!