Goth B Kingdom

633 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 17, 2020 Game Version: 1.12.2

Goth B Kingdom is a modpack that enhances the vanilla minecraft experience by adding content without changing the general gameplay style. 

This pack adds new dimensions and revamps the nether to encourage exploration, the aether and atum 2 are the new dimensions added, and netherex is the mod we used to revamp the nether
>Also includes BetterPortals to aid in quick dimension transport

Using Spartan Weaponry / Sheilds and atomicstrykers infernal mobs we have a revamped combat system.
>Also adds the ability to attack through grass without having to destroy it

Redstone Paste and Project Red were added to improve redstone projects
>Project Red is divided into 7 different branches

Railcraft and underwater rails were added to improve transportation