Glacial Awakening

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Filename Glacial
Uploaded by al132
Uploaded Oct 10, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 4.35 MB
Downloads 9,425
MD5 64c72293d78a1cadadf3a5d0c9dad0ba
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Updated Mods:
-Arcane Archives
-Artisan Worktables
-FTB Lib
-FTB Utils: Backups
-Mystic World


-Added an alternative recipe for plant oil to the nuclearcraft melter that yields better than the IE squeezer (but is further in the progression)
-Increased the requirements of a few NC Fluid Infuser recipes that only used 1mb per recipe (oops)
-Pyrotech coke can now be used in the IE blast furnace
-Disabled the quark auto-jump toggle hotkey "feature" (You can always re-enable it yourself if you really want..)
-Re-enabled all of the unused artisan worktable blocks (apparently some like them for cosmetic purposes..)
-Added recipes for the saplings from Rustic
-Disabled Ender IO Tanks, they cause an infinite dupe bug with Arcane Archives that's hard to fix for either mod. Basic Mekanism tanks should be adequate substitutes
-Can now acquire the Glacial Master trophy, I may add recipes for creative items in the future.

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