G-Unite - Pokécube Edition

547 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 13, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2



This modpack was created by me for my friends so we can mash up most of our favorite mods together.




Main Features:





When choosing this modpack you will have a pretty steady base to play on if you like adventuring, exploring, tech, magic and foremost Pokemon.

The main focus of this modpack was Pokécube, there are several other big mods included tho. 

It features big magic mods like Thaumcraft, Blood Magic and Botania; big tech mods like Applied Energistics, Thermalcraft and EnderIO.


It might be unbalanced but it provides fun for most players, since you can delve deep into different branches of the game through the different kind of mods. But dont forget that there are still Pokemon everywhere, so if you don't like the Pokécube mod this might not be for you.




This is in a very early state and I recommend using this with caution, since I have just created the pack. While unexperience I try to improve the pack with updates to further enhance the experience/stability of the gameplay. 


If you encounter any bugs or problems please let me know so that I can work on fixing/improving the modpack.








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