Eternum Universalis

827 Downloads Last Updated: May 10, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Welcome traveler,


If you enter the world of Eternum Universalis you must be prepared. This world will test your will, strength and bonds you craft on the way to unravel the mysteries of countless different realms. Become the most powerful entity in this magical world and truly push the boundaries of what a mere human can achieve. Will you conquer this world or will it claim your soul?




This modpack is primarily focused around exploration of the overworld, dungeons and other worlds/dimensions. It has RPG-elements mixed in so you truly feel like progressing in the world you are playing on. To achieve that goal I have added most of the popular magic and combat mods and a bunch of biome, dimension and world mods. You won't get bored in the land of Eternum Universalis. Want to be a wizard that destroys everything with a snap` of his finger? Want to become the greatest swordsman and slice up enemies in droves? Why not create your own legendary equipment to surpass what normal Minecraft equipment can offer? Be a dark lord of the night and embrace vampirism to surpass mortals. 

A truly magical experience.



-Technical stuff-


Since this is my second modpack I encourage you to leave feedback. Any and all is valuable for me and greatly appreciated.

- A few bugs can seriously break the flow of the game if abused.

- Generally unbalanced if played in certain ways. Nothing I can do to fix that at the moment.

- This modpack IS unbalanced. I don't really plan on removing mods just to add some balance.

- Please report any problems you find to me and I will try to resolve it as soon as I can.

- 8 GB Ram highly recommended. Probably playable on less if tweaked correctly.





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