From the Ashes: Contingency Plan

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Filename From the Ashes Contingency
Uploaded by Superfrogman98
Uploaded Aug 19, 2016
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 68.03 MB
Downloads 2,915
MD5 64071f561ee739fe9604a0f9e00773f9
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions


New Main Menu
New Quest Book Texture


This is a testing release, buildings and oregen are yet to be finished, so a world restart will be necessary in a future update,
Report any issues to

-Updated mods
-Open Modular Turrets
-Vein Miner
-Electrical Age
-Not Enough Resources
-Recurrent Complex
-Journey Map
-Carpenters Blocks
-Another Ore Bites the Dust
-Thermal Recycling
-Thermal Expansion
-Project Red
-NEI Integration
-Malisis doors
-Immersive Integration
-Iguana Tweaks
-Eirai Irc
-Waila Harvestability
-Simply Jetpacks
-Not Enough Wands
-Fast Leaf Decay
-Advanced Rocketry
-Lib Vulpes
-Mouse Tweaks
-Crafting Tweaks
-Modular Powersuits
-Resource Loader
-Custom Main Menu
-Buildcraft Silicon,Core,compat
-Storage Drawers

-In Game Wiki (Not fully documenting, will be replaced with quests)
-Chicken Chunks(replaced with FTButils)
-Aroma Backup(replaced with FTButils)

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