From the Ashes: Contingency Plan

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In the late 21st century the Earth was getting low on resource, overpopulated, and had extreme pollution levels. Global sea levels had risen, and famine and disease were common, war was looming on the horizon. In order to ensure the survival of humanity after the inevitable disaster, the worlds greatest scientists were placed in bunkers in cryogenic sleep, waiting for a time to emerge, for when they could accomplish their goal and restore the world.  




In versions below 2.0.0, When starting for the first time, turn on the custom items resource pack.


Fastcraft is recommended,but not required. 

This pack works with multiplayer, to create a new bunker, go to an area away from the initial one, and do the command:


/#gen NewBunker , the front right corner of the bunker will be 50 blocks under where the middle of the ghost 3*3 template was.


 Quests are being written, currently in the book there is waking up and creating life, the life ones are a recipe mechanic for getting animals.

 At this moment ore gen is not finalized, in the future some materials will be gotten in different ways through processing and salvaging ruins.


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*Advanced Rocketry
*Carpenter's Blocks

*Customitems-Meta mod

*Extra Utilities
*Funky Locomotion
*HQM-The Journey
*Malisis Doors
*Falling Meteors

#ProjectRed Base
     -ProjectRed Compat
     -ProjectRed Integration
     -ProjectRed Lighting


Third Party_________


*Flans Mod
     -Modern Warefare content pack
     -Simple Parts content pack
     -Ye olde content pack
     -Zombie content pack






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