Isla Unga Bunga by Forge Labs

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The modpack with all of the mods Forge Labs used in his "100 Days on a Deserted Island" video.
Forge Labs


You're stuck on a deserted island with nothing except your knowledge of nature to survive. You live in constant danger from death. You will have to watch out for dangerous predators, natural events, homeostasis, and severe weather. Build your own shelter to have it ripped apart by storms in just a few days. 

Welcome, to Isla Unga Bunga. A modpack created by the youtube creator Forge Labs. This modpack is intended to be played with the map created by Forge Labs, available on his Patreon but can be played on any map of your choosing! You can experience incredible weather, hostile wildlife, poachers and much more! This modpack was created to give you that real deserted Island feel where one wrong step, and you can be bit by a venomous rattlesnake. It's not all bad though, you can build yourself an island resort to satisfy your tropical island needs! A wide variety of interesting mods aimed at creating the environment of a deserted island. Adds early game features such as no tree punching, along with mods like Animania to add new creatures to the game.

Mods List:


AI Improvements

  by  DarkGuardsman


  by  AlcatrazEscapee

Animania Base

  by  Purplicious_Cow_

Animania Extra Animals

  by  Tschipp

Animania Farm

  by  Tschipp

Aquaculture 2

  by  Shadowclaimer


  by  Vazkii

Better Animal Models

  by  cybercat5555

Better Animals Plus

  by  cybercat5555


  by  Guichaguri

Biomes O' Plenty

  by  Forstride


  by  SoggyStache


  by  Corosus

CraftStudio API

  by  ZeAmateis

Custom Mob Spawner

  by  DrZharky

Dynamic Surroundings

  by  OreCruncher

Dynamic Trees

  by  ferreusveritas

Familiar Fauna

  by  Forstride


  by  ohaiiChun

Just Enough Items (JEI)

  by  mezz


  by  _ForgeUser11902522

Macaw's Bridges

  by  sketch_macaw

Mo' Creatures

  by  DrZharky


  by  Vazkii

No Tree Punching

  by  AlcatrazEscapee


  by  OreCruncher


  by  Vazkii

Rikmulds Core Mod

  by  rikmuld

Shadowfacts' Forgelin

  by  ShadowfactsDev

Spartan Compatibility

  by  CheezedFish

Spartan Shields

  by  ObliviousSpartan

Spartan Weaponry

  by  ObliviousSpartan

Tough As Nails

  by  TheAdubbz

Weather, Storms & Tornadoes

  by  Corosus


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