Etho's Modded Season 2

12,219 Downloads Last Updated: May 8, 2022 Game Version: 1.16.5  

Etho's Modded Minecraft S2 unofficial mod pack. Mods selected from the list provided by Etho in the comments of his first video for season 2. This pack will be updated if there are any changes provided by Etho during the season. Let me know if there are any mods missing or settings that needs to be adjusted. 




Minecraft: v1.16.5

Etho Seed: -8643623643821936147 (I think he made changes to the Biomes O' Plenty settings. The starter pillager fort is at the same location (x -93 y 63)  but it is in a different biome. 



You will need to install OptiFine.


Shaders: Complementary Shaders (v4.0.1)


I found this nice seed that has a starter house at x333 y64. There is also a large village close by.  

Starter House Seed: 4668094429029379799 



Main Mods Used: Forge, AdHooks, AlexsMobs, AppleSkin, Aquaculture, ArchitectsPalette, Atmospheric, Autumnity, BagOfYurting, BambooBlocks, BetterEndForge, BetterMineshafts, BiomesOPlenty, Botania, BuzzierBees, CosmicNPCs, CraftingTweaks, Create, Cyclic, DarkerDepths, DarkUtilities, DecorativeBlocks, DungeonsGear, DungeonsMobs, DungeonsPlus, DynamicSurroundings, EnchantWithMob, Endergetic, EndRemasteredForge, EnhancedMushrooms, Environmental, FallingLeaves, FarmersDelight, FinsAndTails, ForgeEndertech, FramedBlocks, GoblinTraders, Gravestone, GuardVillagers, HandCannon, ImmersiveEngineering, ImmersivePetroleum, InfernalExpansion, InventoryPets, JEI, Journeymap, MarketCrates, Mekanism, MoreMinecarts, Neapolitan, NethersDelight, OptiFine, PneumaticCraftRepressurized, PSI, Quark, SavageAndRavage, SophisticatedBackpacks, Spiders2.0, StorageDrawers, Supplementaries, Tetra, Turtlemancy, TwilightForest, UntamedWilds, UpgradeAquatic, ValhelsiaStructures, VisualWorkbench



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