Escape From Minekov

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Escape From Minekov is a modpack about Exploring, Fighting for Survival, and working to Escape.




It's a familiar story : A teleporter accident; a strange, new world; and no easy way home.


Minekov is a dangerous world, and the basic tenants of Minecraft (Crafting and Mining) are broken. Underground you will mostly find only trash and monsters (with the occasional pocket of loot), while otherwise your crafting is limited to very basic tools, armor, and decorative/construction blocks.


To survive, you will have to scavenge through the destroyed cities of the world, fighting off Scav Raiders, monsters, and other dangerous creatures. You can find almost any item this way, but to survive long term and escape, you'll need to make friends with the local Traders.




Fight and Loot : Battle with deadly Scavs and Monsters as you scavenge the abandoned cities. Damage is locational, so breaking a leg will slow you down. And in Minekov, Headshots matter. 


Stay Healthy : Food and Water only slowly regenerate you. Stock up on meds, get a good night's sleep, and keep a bottle of morphine on hand just in case things get dicey.


Death is Rough : Your grave is not as easy to find as normal. Gear up and purchase Item Insurance on things you want to respawn with. Keep an emergency stash in your Secure Container : It always respawns with you (as long as you are carrying it) and never loses this ability, unlike Item Insurance.


Inventory Space is Precious : items no longer stack the same. Decorative and construction blocks stack to a thousand, but resources? Machines? Food? All of these take up much more room. Choose what you keep carefully during your scavenging, as items no longer pick up automatically, either, so keep an eye out on your loot, and don't leave anything important behind. 


Sell Items You Find : Either on the Flea Market for varying amounts, or to a Trader for a much better price.


Buy Items You Want : Take your hard earned cash and talk to the Traders. They offer most items for sale, but with a catch...


Earn Trust : Help out the Traders with their requests, and build reputation with them to earn Rank. The higher your Rank, the more items the Traders buy and sell from you.


And Escape Minekov : You'll need to help all of the Traders to get out. And maybe you can leave this world a better place than you found it.






Menu Music

   Glass Canopy by TeknoAXE

      Song Link :

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Scav Mosher Music (coming soon!)

   Russian Hard Type Beat "Slav" by Prod Leo

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