Entropic Exploration


Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

The world of Entropic Exploration is a hexxing one, there are no machines here to help you out, you're on your own in the world, and it's a very dangerous world! Nights will be filled with scary, deadly creatures you may have never seen before! You'd best find shelter immediately and prepare yourself to go hunting! You will not be able to make normal tools like you are used to, you'll need to get creative in your first steps! Once you feel ready to go explore, be prepared to run into dungeons, caves, and towers full of monsters protecting loot! You'll want those amazing treasures, but be prepared to die a lot, it's inevitable! Don't be too upset, however, as your death may lead you into finding better tools and a new home!


You never know what may happen, so get ready to just keep trying!


Also if you want to experience this pack with some different textures, please check out deadbit!


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