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Enigmatica 4 is a kitchen sink modpack for Minecraft 1.14

Enigmatica 4 is no longer in active development, we recommend that you check out Enigmatica 5 or Enigmatica 6 instead.

Enigmatica 4 has a variety of mods to offer each type of play style. Whether you like tech, magic, or adventure, this modpack will have something for you.

Tech: Create, Immersive Engineering, Industrial Foregoing

Magic: Botania

Adventure: RFTools Dimensions, Dimensional Dungeons, Bountiful, Apotheosis

Building: Building Gadget, Fairy Lights, Macaw's Bridges, Minecolonies, The Mighty Architect

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If you're interested in hosting a server with Enigmatica, click the image below!

The Enigmatica team is partnered with Bisect Hosting - Purchasing anything from Bisect using the code enigmatica supports us!

Bisect Hosting offers a quick, simple and high quality solution. After your purchase, the server is already configured and ready to use.

Using the code enigmatica gives you a 25% discount on your first month as a new client for any of their gaming servers.

This modpack is recommended to have at least 4GB to run smoothly with 5-7 players.

Allocate at least 4GB RAM to Minecraft.

Ensure Twitch is using the latest Java 8 64-bit - You can use the Java Parameter -version:1.8+

For the complete setup guide, click here.