Enigmatica 6 - E6

151,797 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 24, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.4

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Enigmatica 6 is a modpack for Minecraft 1.16 filled with the latest and greatest mods!

We update frequently to make sure you can play your old favourites as soon as they become available and are stable.

Beautiful worldgen made by Biomes O' Plenty & Oh The Biomes You'll Go, vast immersive caves by Yung's Better Caves, and dungeons by Dungeons Plus.

Automate all the things with mods like Mekanism, Refined Storage, Immersive Engineering & Industrial Foregoing.

Tons of new building blocks, from mods like Macaw's Bridges/Roofs/Windows/Doors, Masonry, Simply Lights & Decorative Blocks.

Enigmatica 6 has mods to suit everyone's taste, here are a few of them:

Tech: Create, Immersive Engineering, Refined Storage, Mekanism, Industrial Foregoing, PneumaticCraft, Thermal Expansion, RFTools

Adventure: Dungeons Plus, DungeonCrawl, YUNG's Better Caves/Mineshafts, Towers of the Wild, Lost Trinkets

Building: Chisels & Bits, Macaw's Bridges/Roofs/Windows/Doors/Trapdoors, EmbellishCraft, Masonry, Simply Lights, Decorative Blocks

Magic: Botania, Ars Nouveau, Nature's Aura, Blood Magic, Astral Sorcery, Occultism

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If you're interested in hosting a server with Enigmatica, click the image below!

Allocate at least 4GB RAM to Minecraft.

Ensure Twitch is using the latest Java 8 64-bit - You can use the Java Parameter -version:1.8+

For the complete setup guide, click here.