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This Modpack is a Skyblock version of EMC Sky Maker well kind of.

This Modpack is similar to EMC Maker but for a Skyblock Experience

There are tons of Quests for you to do, so have fun

All Quests have a Big Reward to make them exciting (Generous Loot Crates)

Questbook is from FTB Quests , you can use item or open from inventory


There are multiple Tabs and Hundreds of Quests in each Tab

Some Quests are Easy and still give a big Reward for them

There is also a Shop Where you can use the Custom Coins

The New Coins are added by my Custom Mod, for this Modpack



Just start the World when creating a new World, no need to change it

You could change it to Botania's garden of Glass though

The Mod for the Islands is Void Island Control

Only the Overworld is Void so the Nether and End Dimensions are the same

I do have a few Nether Ore Mods so Have Fun


Any Videos on this Pack are appreciated (A lot)

There are lots of Images in the Tab above, so Take a Peak 

Please Let me know about any Bugs or Suggestion you might have



Click on the picture above, select plan(recommended at least 4GB), use my code Cursed to get 25% off your first month and enjoy playing with your friends!


To Chat About the Modpack,Report Issue or Suggest Join the Discord