Edge of Twilight

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Twilight Forest meets Mystcraft meets Mine & Slash!


What could go wrong? or is it right?


Quests exist in this pack but are not even remotely needed. Start out by wearing the free armor and weapons and then beat the living snot out of everything around you. Level up to wear better armor and weapons. Armor and weapons are only acquired by loot drops. In the Twilight Forest each biome has a super boss which requires you to beat a subordinate boss to get the shields to drop, combine that with mobs being harder and harder the further from spawn you get and suddenly the Twilight Forest is a world with epic adventures! 


The only weapons and armor you'll ever need come from loot drops! Enjoy!


BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! If you get exhausted with the Twilight Forest, make your own dimensions, with black grass and hooping biomes! Delve into the wonders of world crafting via Mystcraft, but beware, get lost in a world without a way back and you just might be stuck in there... FOREVER! Even after death!


Because of the nature of The Twilight Forest, chunk claim is over for The Nether, The Overworld (you don't start there but it's possible to find your way there), The End, and The Twilight Forest.


Therefore if you wish to build a stronghold base that is fully claimed you will  have to find a stable Mystcraft world in which to do it.


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