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Filename Dimension Zero-9.3.zip
Uploaded by SirAron_GameLabs
Uploaded Sep 29, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
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Update 9.3


Updated Scripts/Quests/Quest Loot/Structures/Resources etc so make sure to hit the updating button in the main page of the Questbook or run the update command in the console “/bq_admin default load” and after that’s done this one “/bqs_loot default load” manually. To update quests and loot!


Fixed the updating of quests in the Questbook! The update quests had a chance to error out so I removed them and enabled the a flashing button that tells players when to update by clicking it and instead added a text message to the old update quests quests telling players about how to update. Solves the crash issue on updating quests!


Disabled some erroring modifiers for tinkers (inferno “flame” and blizzard “frost” from dragon blood) now only the proper dragon steel parts have them!


Fixed some small issues with not being able to craft reset certain items


Fixed a small issue with being unable to actually craft the new and fixed armor parts in tinkers upps did I miss turning the craftable back from false to true on ALL parts yes, yes I did XD


Hopefully prevented some crashes with bop and wizardry,


Some more minor fixes, this update mostly fixes minor problems and a few bigger crashes which I missed.


Update 9.2


Updated Forge version to a more recent one to fix a few Bugs.


Updated Scripts/Quests/Quest Loot/Structures/Resources etc so make sure to hit the update quests in the Survival page.


Fixed Skills resetting and not syncing properly! As well as death logging player s on servers etc this should resolve one of the longest existing bugs in this pack. If you do still get anything problematic with it be sure to report it to the mod maker and or me.


Fixed some NBT depending quests and command quests that now should properly work again!


Improved data handling on quests to give less strain on servers and client instances!


Fixed thaumcraft fiery projectile not being discovered due to the vanilla fireball being replaced! It’s now the vanilla one again not the fancy one.


Fixed some mobs not spawning in certain dimensions due to being blocked


Turned down the extra difficulty and blight strength in other dimensions a bit to prevent unkillable beasts from appearing!


Added a popper decay bar for the between lands!


Lots of small fixes here and there. To improve performance number tweaking etc.


Removed Bibliocraft it was an outdated mod adding nothing to the pack other than some visuals you can achieve way better with the chisel mods.


This is a big bug fixer update. No big changes to mods themselves just a lot of performance improvements. And this should make it a pretty stable version to play with. (Do report things that go wrong on the discord thought)


Lots of small internal fixes.




As always make a backup of your world in case something breaks

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