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Update 9.1


Updated Forge version to a more recent one to fix a few Bugs (hopefully also some worldgen ones)

Updated Scripts/Quests/Quest Loot/Structures/Resources etc so make sure to hit the update quests in the Survival page.


Removed Neat mod due to an incompatibility! You can still see mob hp with the one probe as well as armor etc. (maybe I will read it once it’s fixed)


Changed Worldgen around a bit should be way less laggy now. (I hope)


Changed some default settings to for example give the World its fog back by setting the fog option in Better fps back to true! If you have performance issues with fog you can turn it off or install Optifine which has an even better fog removing option.


Made it so that different Dimensions have a default modifier on difficulty and one certain one has an increased difficulty gain so you may not wish to stay in there for too long.


Fixed Tinkers Materials all work again armors are back with many varietys and no more missing parts. For ALL materials I could alter in any way also enabled some more materials.


The newest versions of the Phosphor Mod and VanillaFix Mod have been added and improve performance greatly. If you experience any conflicts with these mods they are safe to remove but do tell me about what errors you had if you find the time.


Every Player Mob now has a random item it can drop by chance fitting the Player depicted by the Skin. (Will add more different skins in the future if I have time)


Readjusted How Player owned AW NPCs work now they can’t be stacked to infinite HP and Damage anymore. They now have a fixed HP Pool which is big in early game and in the lower values for endgame. Also Damage depends on the weapon you give your NPCs so you need to fit them with proper weapons if you don’t want them to do only 15 dmg (ofc you can give them Draconic Swords and have them do 200+ dmg but that’s a bit too much a good tinkers weapon or an Ender Blade will do just fine) Also since they don’t gain extra HP you should also give them proper Armor and again tinkers armor does work so go ahead and build an army. (Only flat values will apply and normal enchants so for tinkers you won’t be getting the modifiers applied for armor and for weapons)


Electroblobs Wizardry Update is gigantic and brings many many many changes. I updated the corresponding quests and maybe you want to check your spell books as the changes could have changed some of them around to be different ones. Added Wizardry Structures to the midnight (find obelisks and ritual sites not only in the over world but also in the midnight for great loot and more worth in exploration of this Dimensions) (Adjustments to spell damage are still the plain old x6 multiplier for all spells but a by spell balancing is in the works.) Spell sound is currently handled under the Player sound category to hotfix the sound crash from the previous versions until a proper sound implementation is done. Other than that the mod works great so have fun XD.


Fixed the Home Stone you get at the start having the wrong enchantment however that happened. Its soul bound again! As well as most other enchants fixed!


Added secondary recipes to the Arcane Storage blocks so you can decide if you want to get them via midnight materials or nether materials! And also changed it so the manifest pedestal remembers your last search! As well as some general improvements to the Mod from its updates!


Added Control Burn Mod to handle fire so now fires actually burn out and not linger around forever. I also removed the command that turns the gamerule to DoFireTick false on the first quest. If you have a world already created with quests done in it, just do (   /gameruel DoFireTick true) to fix it. Don’t worry your Bases still won’t burn down!


Added BrokenWings Mod for a proper progression force in the Boss Dimensions other than the End! You can still use gliders or special things to get around but now its way harder to get up to the Ur-Ghast in the Twilight Forest or to simply fly above certain Bosses in certain Dimensions to hit from an unfair safe spot. (Don’t worry if you manage to work your way to some kind of flight ability you can freely use it to fly in the Overworld and some unrestricted dimensions which these are you will have to find out for yourself also Draconic Armor bypasses this so once you have that you can fly everywhere you beat the game GG)


Turned on the Decay Function for the Betweenlads again! Now that I finally fixed certain things with it!


Lots of small internal fixes.




As always make a backup of your world in case something breaks

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