Dawn of Fire

6,847 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 12, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.4

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Dawn of Fire is my second modpack and it aims to bring a similar experience to the first one, Dragon Wars, but updated to 1.16 and hopefully more stable. Overall there is less content but its mostly different or new content.

The Main Features are:

-Ice and Fire: Dragons, now updated to 1.16 and with lightning dragons and probably more to come.

-Tons of new mobs from alex's mobs, danny's expansion, savage and ravage, and more.

-A quest book from hardcore questing, i've made around 170 quests mostly involving all the advancements from minecraft and other mods with a decent amount of custom repeatable ones sprinkled in.

-Project MMO makes it so you need to level up different skills to be able to use better tools, weapons, and armor. It also gives new passive abilities like vein mine and increased reach, damage, speed, etc that increase based on skill level.

-Less of a hardcore experience but still challenging;

       -three different mods that make random mobs become mini bosses occasionally; champions, the undefeatables, and nasty mobs.

       -scaling health makes the difficulty ramp up slowly increasing mob health, equipment, and damage as they spawn. the end game can be quite difficult with max difficulty being 700.

       -attributes like health and damage can now go over the normal maximum with attribute fix. Normal health cap is 1024 for mobs.

       -the difficulty can be lowered or increased using special hearts you can find from quests or loot.

       -health does regenerate naturally however it takes 30 seconds of non combat to do so.

       -the vanilla bosses get harder each time you kill them from progressive bosses.

-a more relaxing experience for those that want it with all of pam's harvest mods, now you can be a dragon riding master chef.

-Tons of structures to find from dungeon crawl, towers of the wilds, , and many more.

-summon spirits and create magical machines and pocket dimensions with occultism.

-the undergarden dimension.

-oh the biomes you'll go

-amazing cave and mineshaft generation with yung's better caves and better mineshafts. Also extended caves adds many underground structures.

-lots of loot from baubles, mystic tools, and others.

-nether and end portals no longer have loading screens from immersive portals.

-apotheosis adds a ton of stuff like enchanting up to lvl 100, new enchantments, and different upgradeable bookshelves.


To Do List:




Art for title screen and quest book: Julian Calle https://www.artstation.com/handsdigitalstudio

My other modpacks:




Currently being tested in multiplayer

Lemme know if something isn't working on discord, or if you just have suggestions.

Yes you can stream and stuff with this modpack.

Discord: https://discord.gg/QB8RDvK


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