is a vanilla-styled modpack, based on providing consistent gameplay, and upholding vanilla Minecraft's sandbox style gameplay. A decent amount of changes are made all over the place to ensure vanilla works well with the new mods, or just to create an experience I believe to be more interesting.


The pack features:

  • A small but curated selection of mods that improve upon the vanilla game but without changing what it is in essence.
  • Revamped world generation, underground and overground, nether and end.
  • A small amount of changed recipes to ensure more content around the place is viable.
  • In game documentation that is drip-fed to you as you play, but in an informative way, rather than hand-holding you.
  • Notes attached to many items to help you understand how to make them.
  • New advancements to help you discover new content, as well as new challenges.
  • Tweaks to mods in the aim of consistency and making this feel like a cohesive experience rather than a bunch of mods stapled together.

You'll likely enjoy the pack if:

  • You like Vanilla, but are looking for something with a bit more to it.
  • You want a "vanilla plus" pack with a different spice to it.
  • You enjoy building with restrictions.
  • You want a pack that doesn't require you to browse wikis, but also doesn't hand-hold you.
  • You want something that isn't vanilla, but has a different taste from all the quest packs and kitchen sinks we see nowadays.

You likely won't enjoy the pack if:

  • You dislike Vanilla.
  • You think the meat of the gameplay is in the content large mods bring to the table, or in quests provided by pack authors.




With that said, give the pack a try. I tried my best to make it unique from the other "vanilla plus" packs available. 


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