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Creator's Canvas is a modpack focused on building and exploration. The pack includes a wide range of building mods, and highly customized world generation. Every drop of terrain looks spectacular. Almost any aesthetic build is within your reach.




World Gen:
Dozens of mods add unique biomes and plant life to the world. Biomes O' Plenty, Redwoods, Traverse, Novam Terram and a handful of others add almost 200 biomes to the world. The rarity of each biome is tweaked to ensure that the most beautiful biomes are the most common, meaning you never have to walk far to see something breathtaking. As a bonus, tall biomes such as mesas are even taller. 


Mods like Streams, Charm, Ferdinand's Flowers, Project: Vibrant Journeys and Dynamic Trees add extra detail to the world. Even the underground is improved my mods like YUNG's Better Caves, Quark and Caveroot.


Worldgen sample


The pack is focused specifically on building, so there are dozens of aesthetic mods to chose from. Classics like Chisel, Little Tiles, Architecture Craft and Quark are mixed in with lesser known mods like Dark Roleplay Medieval, Malisis Doors, Chinese Workshop and Dawn of Time. There should be a mod for every style of build.

To make building as painless as possible, the pack offers a wide range of utility mods. Effortless Building, RFTools, Survivalist's Brush, Exchangers and Building Gadgets allow building on an impressive scale.


Project E has also been included, but with all of the overpowered items disabled. Only purely aesthetic blocks such as wood, terracotta and flowers have an EMC values. Diamonds, mob drops and glowstone do not. The goal is to allow players to build large structures quickly, without making mining irrelevant.


Tech and Magic:
The pack offers a shorter list of tech and magic mods than you may be used to. Every mod was hand picked based on how aesthetically pleasing it was. Mods like Mahou Tsukai, Thaumcraft, and Immersive Engineering were chosen simply because they're beautiful. Railcraft, Immersive Railroading, Steve's Carts and RFTools were closen because they give the player a large structure to build around. Hopefully these will encourage people to build train stations, elevators and other things they wouldn't attempt in a vanilla world.

These mods also avoid so called magic blocks, meaning any piece of automation will take up a fair bit of space. An Immersive Engineering crusher looks much better than a pulverizor, especially if you build a factory around it.


Creator's Canvas also includes a handful of mods intended to let your base come alive. Minecolonies and Custom NPCs allow your towns to feel like they're actually lived in. Particle Generator, Clay Soldiers, Mob Control Wands and Outfox can also add life to a build.


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