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Welcome to the official Creativerse mod-pack page. Creativerse is a simple mod-pack designed as a toolkit to aid the creative individual in building, sculpting and creating cinematic works in Minecraft.

The pack is ideal for;

  • Let's builds
  • Building schematics
  • Recording
  • Producing landscapes
  • Expressing your creativity

Creativerse now comes in two editions;
Lite Edition is intended to enhance, but adhere to a Vanilla building experience
Standard Edition adds over 900 new Models and Metas thanks to Conquest. (Optifine Dependent)



Creativerse has a number of Overlays built in which serve a number of useful functions. They include;

  • Chunk Boundary Overlay
  • Light Level Overlay
  • Dark Spots Overlay

The Chunk Boundary Overlay displays a grid around the chunks border and displays a yellow vertical line directly in the center of the chunk you're stood in. The Light Level Overlay displays a number ranging from 0 to 15 on each block within your proximity. This number of course representing Minecraft light level. It is also worth noting the color of the number also holds information. Green numbers represent blocks that a mob cannot naturally spawn on, whereas the orange number represent tiles mobs may spawn on. The blue numbers mean the block is not a spawnable block, such as Stairs, Glass or a Half Slab. The Dark Spots Overlay does a similar job in that it displays a yellow grid on the ground within your proximity. The yellow grid represents floor space that hostiles cannot spawn on, whilst red 'spots' represent areas dark enough to spawn hostiles.



Built in Cinematic Tools help visualize and preview camera paths ready for cinematic recording. The camera can be tilted from side to side and supports zoom functionality. The Cinematic tools are great for;

  • Project showcasing
  • Creating cinematics


Creativerse is pre-configured to produce beautiful terrain in which to build upon and a few visual enhancements to really spice up the builds. Creativerse uses the following terrain generators;

  • Realistic Terrain Generation
  • Alternate Terrain Generation
  • Biomes o' Plenty
  • Streams*
  • Underground Oceans*

Realistic Terrain Generation is selected by default and is the recommended generator to use due to its relatively flat, smooth rolling terrain. RTG will automatically use decorative blocks from Biomes o' Plenty including Stalactites and Vegetation. Alternate Terrain Generation generates a more hilly terrain often complete with high cliff edges and mountain islands. It's a great terrain for building on Mountainsides, Hillsides and on Cliff edges. Biomes o' Plenty was mostly added and intended to be used as a decorator for the other two generators, however, it remains available as a world type. Streams* is a decorator and is used by the other World Types to generate free flowing streams and rivers. These flowing water bodies will often carve through cliffs and hills creating ideal locations for bandit camps/hideouts. Underground Oceans* is a decorator and is used by the other World Types to generate large water bodies deep underground. These create ideal locations for Dwarf builds.

Creativerse also includes and pre-configures the following visual enhancers;

  • Shaders (via Optifine)
  • Better Foliage
  • Dynamic Surroundings 
  • Conquest

Creativerse adds several hundred new decorative models and meta's thanks to Conquest Reforged. With so much new content an improved creative menu and extended hotbar has been included.

Creativerse includes a radial menu (thanks to MineMenu) which has been pre-configured to include a lot of convenience functionality including Time Management, Weather Management, Camera Shortcuts, World Edit Shortcuts, Game Rules, Spawn Points just to mention a few.

To access the menu simply press the "R" key.



Creativerse comes with a list of tweaks that change vanilla mechanics for convenience. They include;

  • Infinite Lava Sources
  • Faster Leaf Decay



Video review by 99Blocks


Note: Creativerse will need some form of 'MCPatcher' for many of the connected textures and various other features to work. Optifine has been tested and is recommended for this. Just drop it into your mods folder.
This is not required for the Lite Edition




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