Banished! Harsh Survival 2

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Please note that Banished 2 is currently 'work in progress' and should be treated as an alpha.

Special thanks to all patrons, supporters, discord followers, subscribers and feedback givers past and present for bringing Banished 2 this far. I'll slowly be working you into the story and will work a character or reference in game to represent you all over time, one way or another.


Circa 1064
You are a lowly Peasant in the bustling merchant town of Lanilor that spends the majority of their time working odd jobs for the local businesses; a Blacksmiths apprentice for Mr E. Vynk, a miner for the Ninety-nine Blocks quarry company; you've done it all.
With the greed of Lord Dan and his unreasonable taxation pinching down on every coin-purse in Lanilor you never seem to hold down the jobs for too long, at no fault of your own. You've spent the past summer working as a local Farmhand for Miss M. Rose but an unusually harsh Winter has yielded a less than satisfactory harvest leaving Miss Rose no choice but to let you go. Once more you find yourself hungry with nary a coin to flip.

Starving and desperate for sustenance you sneak into the Towns Granary store one night and help yourself to whatever you can get your teeth into. In your excitement you become clumsy and fall whilst trying to reach for a joint of cured pork, knocking several ceramic jars of honey down to floor, shattering them with a crash. Two guards rush to the scene to find you wedged between an Ale Barrel and a stack of Grain Sacks. You are immediately bound and dragged to a holding cell. After several days in the cell you are finally tried for Theft and Trespassing before being banished from the settlement, permanently.

You are now on your own to survive in a harsh environment.

Key Features

  • A challenging survival overhaul with Hunger, Thirst and Temperature
  • A natural progression that leads you from Flint tools to properly crafted equipment
  • Seasons; hunt through the winter, farm through the summer
  • Pitch black caves making light sources and careful exploration a priority
  • Low tech mechanisms including Windmills, Pulleys and Axles
  • Custom world generation with flowing rivers, waterfalls, larger trees and realistic terrain
  • Deeply integrated recipes using several items from several mods
  • Encumbrance and ways to counteract it; Carts, Backpacks, Satchels and Boats

Road Map

For those interested in the long term goal of the project, this is what I still wish to add.

  • Create schematics that spawn across the world that are exclusive to Banished 2 - In other words, not dropping Recurrent Complex into the mods folder and being done with it. These should include small farm houses and other areas of interest.
  • Create schematics for Dungeons and other areas of hostile interest.
  • Create schematics that will replace Vanilla villages with something more realistic looking
  • Populate some of the above with Custom NPC's that drive the story or allow interaction with a more lively world. (Explore the possibility of adding quests via the use of JS via Custom NPC's)
  • Add custom content. Specifically new items that can fill in the gaps for recipes. For instance hinges that are required to make doors and chests (yes, I'm going that far.)
  • Replace all fantasy mobs with aggressive Wildlife and Bandits.
    • Find a creative way to fit in the Nether and End where the Fantasy mobs can be moved to

Found a bug?
Please use the Issue Tracker above and be sure to list the version of the pack your using. Providing as much detail as possible will help find a repellent for the bug so it should stay away.


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