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Create Together is a lightweight modpack designed for breezing through the vanilla grind and focusing your time and creativity exclusively on the awesome Create mod.

This is a great modpack to pick if you're coming from vanilla, and want to see what Modded Minecraft has to offer, but also for seasoned players looking for a simple modpack with many possibilities.

Create Together was made in collaboration with Xisuma and his community.

We are partnered with Bisect Hosting - Purchasing anything from Bisect using the code create-together supports us!

Bisect Hosting offers a quick, simple and high quality solution. After your purchase, the server is already configured and ready to use.

If you're interested in hosting a server with Create Together, click the image below!

Allocate at least 2GB RAM to Minecraft.

Make sure the CurseForge App is using the latest 64-bit Java 8.

For the complete setup guide, click the banner above.