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Create: Mekanized

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Create: Mekanized is a modpack that aims to combine Create and Mekanism. You will start off with slow assembly lines to automate basic materials in order to help your factory grow. You will master the art of electricity and will be building cables and machinery to help you explore the solar system with the ultimate goal being to land on a very distant planet in a different solar system many light years away. Are you up for the challenge?


With over 2500 lines of KubeJS code, Create: Mekanized offers plenty of new recipes that drastically changes your average experience when playing. Along with that, an in-game quest book featuring 10 chapters is there to access to help players progress throughout the modpack!


Information For Server Owners

As of v1.5a of the modpack, you are now able to download the server file of the modpack in order to host the server, which comes with Forge, the entire mod list, along with the configs and KubeJS files for the changes to take effect.


Want an affordable server that can host Create: Mekanized?

Bisect Hosting Partnership



This modpack is not compatible with OptiFine. Please do not add it into the pack, as it will break some of the mods in it. There are other performance mods that serve as a great alternative already packaged into the modpack.


Special Thanks

- Quasar R&D Team

- Discord server for KubeJS support

Anthxny for their Create Style Mekanism Pipes resource pack (for v1.5a and above)

- GlassTailor and SomeoneCooler for helping build the various structures within the trailer(s)

- nicky__21 for the Create Immersive Aircraft resource and data pack (for v1.5.1a and above)