7,005 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 23, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2  


Craftologia is a pack that focuses on making more realistic and challenging crafting recipes, which also improve the relationships between the different mods on this pack, giving many items more uses outside their own mods scope that otherwise would become useless once you complete them and move on to other ones.
The idea of this pack is giving the player a feeling of realism and progression with each crafting, ensuring at the same time a very long gameplay experience in order to explore the different mods and complete this pack. To help in this purpose, the pack provides a broad set of building and decoration mods, so the player can also use some of this time making nice bases and buildings.



  • 142 mods (ModList can be found here).
  • Over 2000 recipe changes (with CraftTweaker).
  • 41 new custom items and 3 new custom blocks (with ContentTweaker).
  • Biome and dimension based oregen with larger but less common ore veins.
  • 1 hour day-cycle and 28 days per season, which affects crop and seed fertility.
  • Oredict script that tries to standarize and reduce to one item per part most of the redundant metals/materials added by mods whenever its possible. This script took me quite some time, and, even though its not perfect, its much better than nothing.
  • Questbook (WIP), which includes 74 quests and 30 challenges so far.
  • Guidebook that offers you some commentary about the modpack, tips and changes that you may need to know at some point during your adventure.
  • 85 chemical elements of the Periodic Table are present in this modpack, all rows except the seventh one are mostly covered, if you like chemistry and physics this is your modpack.


Can i make modifications to the modpack for personal use?
I have thoroughly related the mods via its crafting recipes, i also tested and adapted the config for the modpack as it is. So you may see unexpected behaviour, gameplay breaking or game crashes if you add new mods or remove any of the mods present in this modpack. You can however edit the config files to fit your needs if you know what you are doing.


Have you played your own modpack? How far you have gone through it?
I am currently playing a survival world, right now i am on the second part of the game, which is one of the largest ones to cover. So you should be fine until there. There is no point in me completing my modpack before releasing it since some issues will only arise once many players start playing with it, also it would take me many months to do so!

Seed of my survival world: -3584650000088229790 (if you like snowy mountains in the spawnchunks)


Is this just a grindy "expert" modpack?

Recipes have been changed not for the sake of requiring more materials so it will take more time to progress through this modpack, the idea is that in order to create something complex you first need to acquire the know-how and ability to produce/obtain the simpler parts it consists of. A lot of time and effort has been invested in this part, giving you a more realistic feel every time you craft something, 45 custom items and blocks were added for this purpose. Futhermore, in some cases crafting recipes require you less materials than default.
The exception to this is Dimension Builder from RFTools, which is the hardest and the last recipe of this modpack for obvious reasons.


Can we play this modpack on a server?
The modpack has been 100% designed, created and tested on SP, you may notice some MP mods are missing, however i don't think there would be any problems if u play this on a server, also in MP people would take more advantage of the modpack oregen.


Can you change this recipe/config?
Sure, i am open to changes and suggestions, feel free open an issue here or discuss it here.



System requeriments and Java

At least 6GB of unallocated RAM. (FoamFix should lower the amount of RAM required by 2GB).

Java 8 (latest version),

My jvm args: -Xmx6G -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode -XX:-UseAdaptiveSizePolicy -Xmn512M


Note #1: To enjoy the pack at its fullest without any issues make sure you choose Biomes O'Plenty world generation type and Bonus Chest is set to OFF. 

Note #2: I recommend you to use Optifine in case your PC does not to run the Modpack smoothly (+120fps), im using it since i started creating this modpack, so you will have no issues or conflicts.


If you find any recipe, config or quest task that seems to be broken or which does not make any sense, feel free to report it, i will fix it for the next update.


If you are wondering why no new update in the last weeks, i am currently very busy irl with my studies, so the pack is not dead. My plan is to keep working on it until the end of this summer, then i may move on to 1.14, well see.