Craft Of The Titans II: The GOG Remix

145,974 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 10, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2  

       This "COTTII - The GOG Remix" is the rewrite of the "COTTII- Craft To The Future" pack that was released in April.  Due to certain key mods not being available in MC 1.12.2 at the time, the modpack fell far short of my expectations.  After much debate, I decided to do an in-depth rewrite of a large portion of the pack.  Entire quest chains, processes, mods, and mechanics have been removed, added, or rewritten to bring the pack back in line with where I originally wanted it, and closer to the feel of the original COTT 1.10 modpack.  There have been countless changes to the pack, almost warranting that I release it as a standalone.  I am much more pleased with this rendition of the pack, and feel it will earn it's place as the appropriate sequel to the original Craft Of The Titans.


Craft To the Future is a loose continuation of the concepts introduced in the previous Craft Of The Titans modpack of 1.10.  The combat is still challenging.  The dungeons, mob drops, and progression are all heavily modified to create a smooth progression.  The quest book is deep and well thought out.  Careful detail went into selecting mods that were fresh and yet still incorporated some familiar names.  This pack will guide you through building spacecraft to explore the galaxy, build a fusion reactor to power your vast production, and even automating your resource collection through some pretty unconventional means.  All of this presented in a user friendly and rewarding manner.  While the original Craft Of The Titans was a piece of art in it's own right... Craft To The Future is better in nearly every way.

      The economy is now more immersive and rewarding... not just some runes you find and turn in.  If you are looking for a highly customized and well thought out modpack that challenges you "Craft To The Future: COTT II" is for you.  The combat will keep you on the edge of your seat, the quests will provide a story you actually want to know about, and the mod selection will keep you engaged for countless hours of gameplay.


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It is recommended that you allot this pack at least 6GB of RAM to run smoothly.  



Parts of the Soundtrack were composed for COTT2 by talented artist Johannes Carlsson.  Please view more of his work on his Youtube: Forteheim


If the changelog indicates there have been updates to the Trade Mall, there is a command for resetting JED dimensions such a The After (DIM5) and The Twin Pines Trade Mall (DIM7). The usage is '/jed delete-dimension 123' followed by '/jed delete-dimension 123 confirm', where 123 is the dimension ID. This must be run in the Twin Pines Mall dimension after any updates are made to the shops, for the changes to take effect.


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