Rustic Waters II

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Rustic Waters II is the long-awaited sequel to the original ocean skyblock, Seablock: Rustic Waters.  Though this pack is highly customized and the mods have been revamped and integrated with each other, the progression is not Expert Mode.  You will have to put as much thought into maximizing your space, as you will learning the new mods.  There is a detailed lore and story in Rustic Waters II presented in many unique ways.  From an art-filled questbook to voice acting and dialogue boxes, this is an adventure, not just a modpack.  Rustic Waters II also has a very expansive and dynamic world with many dozens of points of interest for you to explore.  The dungeon and POI loot tables have been customized to make exploration as rewarding as it is exciting.  Dive in today!
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 Play with your friends!
Rustic Waters II is set up for server play, using mods like FTB Teams and chunk claiming.  When players join a new world, they will spawn into the "main hub".  Their first quest page will give them instructions for creating their own hub and teleport them once done.  This feature supports up to 17 total players. Additional hubs will require usage of the Admin Hub Key, which will place the hubs manually at the location they are used.

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