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Crackpack is back!  The popular modpack series has a new installment in 1.12.2 Minecraft. Join the Mindcrack members as they're fueled by exploration, combat, wizardry, explosions, alchemy, and more! You can lay siege upon barbarian villages or travel to a myriad of exciting dimensions. This project was unlocked as an incentive for the 2019 Mindcrack Marathon which raised over $250,000 for Extra Life.


This modpack includes a number of popular mods as well as some new ones. Both magic and tech are available for a diverse play-style experience. You will be able to recruit an army, train pet rats to do your bidding, or fly over the meticulously sculpted environment in a bath tub. Not only is the surface redesigned from anything you have seen, but beneath the surface lies an expansive cave system ripe for plundering. Travel to other worldly locations using a unique teleportation method. This non-linear, player-driven narrative allows you to cultivate your own story


Created by the development team of many popular modpacks such as Sky Factory 3, 4, and SevTech: Ages, this project was completed over a 7-day live-stream event. Members of the community came together to collaborate on the creation of the pack. We are pleased to present to you, Crackpack 3!


Crack it open by yourself or invite some friends to join in the adventure.



Thank you to everyone who helped make this modpack possible, and especially to those that helped the Mindcrack team raise over $1,000,000 lifetime for the Extra Life charity. We hope to see you at the next marathon, find out more at MindcrackMarathon.com #forthekids