City Relive

2,818 Downloads Last Updated: May 10, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

City Relive


City Relive is a modpack with mainly furniture mods but also some other mods, for example tech mods like Mekanism, Ender io, Refined Storage and Immersive Engineering.



You can play in Survival mode as well as in creative mode to build even more and even bigger buildings and decorate them.

There are many furniture mods like, Decocraft 2, Crayfish Furniture mod, Architecturecraft, Chisel and Chisel & Bits

We also got Immersive Railroading with a few expansion packs (different train models) to build tracks all around your City, many Road and Car mods to create a nice City in your own unique style.


You're interested?
-> Download it from the Twitch Launcher and build your own City!


Q: Why is it called CityRelive?

A: A few months ago I build a huge city with my friends but then our Server crashed and the hole map broke and we weren't able to play on it again. Glad we got a backup mod (Aroma Backup), so we were able to save many buildings. I decided to recreate the modpack with new mods, mainly furniture mods and build a whole new City and call it City Relive.



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me on Twitter



* I recommend a minimum of 8 GB or more of RAM for clients and servers for good performance.


How to set up a Server!

In this download you'll find two scripts one for Windows and Linux which will run the Forge Installer

to get the needed files for you!

To get your server up and running just run the following:
- Windows: - Install.bat

- Linux:

Once the script finishes you'll be able to start your server

Also you'll find a "settings" file which you can edit the Java Options used for starting the server

make sure you edit the one for your system and that they are valid.


!!Don't forget you'll need to accept/create the EULA file for the server to start!!

The EULA loads in after you tried to run the ServerStart.bat the first time!

After accepting the EULA (change "false to true") just start the ServerStart.bat (again).

To start the Server you can perform the following:

- Windows: (Only pick one of the options | .bat file is prefered)

                   - Run the Start.bat Script.


                   - Double Click the Forge Jar.

- Linux:

                   - Run the Script.





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