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"Despite our vaunted wisdom, our technological and magical advancement, in the end we proved ourselves human still. I do not envy you, the children of this new world. We leave you nothing but ashes and fire, make of it what you will. Rebuild, flee, or most likely, die. In the end, you too shall bring the world to cinders."


In a small corner, of a tiny galaxy, in the infinite vastness of space, can be found a small, unremarkable solar system. It has eight planets of note able size, and countless others not worth mentioning. The most interesting aspect of this system is the small planet with a nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere and liquid water. Though not a remarkable planet by any stretch it did give rise to an interesting species of industrious people who happily pulled apart their world block by block and reshaped it to their whims. As time went on these Craftians began to develop new and wondrous things to assist them in their projects. It began with the basics of magic, the crafting of items of minor power, but quickly blossomed from there into whole new branches of Technology and Magic.


Of course these branches had the Jules vs the Electrical Units, the Thaumaturges against the witches. And in time The more refined Flux and crafty Botanist. Each came, and went, and came again. Giving rise to new life, and new civilizations, boldly forging a path into a future that seemed ever brighter, ever newer. Exploring, building, crafting.... and of course fighting. It was this last that finally got them, in the end. They turned on each other, sides were picked, lines were drawn, and the full forces of technology and magic brought to bear. The conflict was short, and brutal, and ensured that no one got their way, least of all the common craftians, who simply wanted to build.


The blue and green planet was now nothing more than a dismal, ash choked cinder. However, it is well known among most learned species that fire can promote new growth.....


Sorry, had to get it out of my system (Protip: I am not actually sorry). Anyway, you are one of the struggling survivors in a world that has been burned literally to ashes (lucky you). Your job is to either rebuild, or escape, using the technological and magical knowledge left by your predecessors (i.e. the dicks who got you into this mess). This is, of course, far more difficult than it sounds. To begin with, water is scarce, extremely so, on top of that it's stopped flowing the way it used to, that is to say, there's no longer limitless amounts of it, what you have lots of however, is lava, pouring out of every orifice the planet has to offer without any sign of slowing down (in other words, infinite lava for your lava gens, so I suppose there's that). In addition, it's hot, and you're going to need a drink soon (you'd seriously need to be Tough As Nails to even scrape by). Oh, and have I mentioned all the monsters yet?


Tough As Nails mechanics are in effect, that means temperature and thirst are things, in addition to normal hunger. Water is not infinite, and is particularly scarce. Lava is infinite, and is everywhere. Everything wants to kill you, and is VERY efficient at it.


You will start with a Chunk Protector which will protect a single chunk from mobs for about 10 minecraft days, at which point it will putter out and die, this means you have about 200 minute (2 hours, 40 minutes) grace period after setting up your home in which to get enough supplies to set up at least a rudimentary defense system, you will probably fail, good luck. I also would suggest going underground, deep, deep underground. It's hot on the surface, and being deep underground can help mitigate that a bit, just stay away from hot spots, like, lava pools.


On a side note, this pack is excessively large. I have to devote about 8 gigs of ram to run it smoothly (less than about seven and a half and you're gonna get stuttering as it hits the cap). That and the fact that it's a bit long to load up are the downsides. The upside is there's a little of everything in there, so there's almost certainly something for everyone.


As usual, all rights to all mods go to their respective creators.


If you would like to let me know if you're running this pack on a server I'd be happy to post the server information here so that people can easily find your server (Don't laugh, let me dream). Preferably a link to the server website or forum. In addition I will pre-package the server info with the pack, so people can easily find and connect to them.


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