And the Kitchen Sink

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Basically this is a modpack I threw together in my spare time for some friends and I to play. Honestly I wasn't happy with the selection of packs on offer, so I went out and made one I'd enjoy playing with.


This pack contains several of the common technology mods (Thermal expansion, Ender IO, Mekanism, IC2, etc.)


One of the common magic mods (Botania), and an unhealthy number of addons (including the Petro Petunia from Floralchemy, because who doesn't want to burn crude oil for mana?)


And several uncommon/new magic/exploration mods (Nature's Aura, Afraid of the Dark)... actually that's about it for magic mods (unless we're counting Cyclic?), thought I had more, oh well.


In addition there are several mods that I love but never seem to make their way into modpacks, including Calculators, AUNIS (a variation of the many stargate mods, I'm a bit of a sci-fi buff, what can I say), Ceramics, Enchanting Plus, Ender IO Endergy (pretty much an essential if you're using Ender IO in my opinion), Ender-Rift (sometimes you just want to store ALL THE THINGS), Hardcore Darkness, Metallurgy 4: Reforged, Open Modular Turrets/Passive Defense,  Pressure Pipes, Robotic Parts, Scaling Health, Smeltery IO (a spiritual successor to Tinkers I/O), Stacksize (Eggs and Ender Pearls that stack up to 64? YES PLEASE!), and Wireless Redstone.


in addition to all this, I've take the time to be sure there's no duplicate world generation (such as two different mods adding copper ore), and unified all the outputs down to one type (so no more two different types of copper ingot, you get just one type, nice huh?). I've also added all the modded ores to the Environmental Tech Void Miner (I'm nice that way). 


Oh, and one last thing. This pack has Pollution of the Realms, a mod all about ruining nature with your horrible fossil fuel burning ways (you monsters). Fortunately we've also added the Chimney's Mod (so that you can pipe all that awful smog outside) and Pollutant Pump (which allows you to suck up pollution and run it through a filter to get rid of it). 


List of Fluids that can be burned by the Petro Petunia (specifically their registered fluid names), their mana per tic (m/t) and their burn time (in tics):



biodiesel (Immersive Engineering) 50 m/t for 625t

biofuel (Minefactory Reloaded Industrial Foregoing, I definitely do NOT keep calling it minefactory reloaded, that is base slander by my enemies) 50 m/t for 1000t

creosote (Immersive Engineering, Railcraft, Thermal Expansion, and possibly IC2 haven't tested that last one) 50 m/t for 50t

oil (Immersive Petroleum's oil fluid) 50 m/t for 500t

crude_oil (Thermal Expansion's oil variant) 50 m/t for 500t

diesel (Immersive Petroleum) 50 m/t 1000t

gasoline (Immersive Petroleum) 50 m/t 1500t

canolaoil (Actually Additions' canola oil) 50 m/t 100t

refinedcanolaoil (Actually Additions' refined canola oil) 50 m/t for 250t

crystaloil (Actually Additions' crystallized canola oil) 50 m/t for 500t

empoweredoil (Actually Additions' empowered canola oil)  50 m/t fo 875t

fire_water (Ender IO's Fire water) 50 m/t for 938t

hootch (Ender IO's Hootch) 50 m/t for 375t

rocket_fuel (Ender IO's Rocket Fuel) 50 m/t for 1250t


Originally this list also included Grassoline, Naptha, Liquifacted Coal, and Refined Fuel, alas none of those can actually be placed in the world so the petropetunia cannot eat them. Members of COFH, if you ever read this, that makes me sad (otherwise, good work, keep it up!).


The numbers above are based on the amount of RF each fuel generates in an Thermal Expansion Compression Dynamo (IF's Biofuel uses the numbers for TE's Grassoline, in addition I added a recipe to the Compression Dynamo so that it can run off it, huzzah!). If I've missed something, go ahead and let me know. If you feel my numbers are weird, you're free to say that, but odds are I won't change my mind (mostly because that would require effort and my eyes are currently crossed from the amount I've already gone through).


Uh, let's see, other important things....


Oh, we have the Bloodmoon mod, so that's a thing (for those unfamiliar it's a special event that causes the moon to turn red and lots of monsters spawn, there's about a 5% chance each night, and they still respect light level and anything that prevents mob spawning).


Hardcore darkness is in effect, which means you're gonna wanna bring torches on your mining missions, it's dark down there!


Just about every mod's ores should be processable by every other mod (including mekanism's quintupling ore processing).


Progressive Automation is in for early game farming/mining/tree chopping, so look that up, it's a nice early game tech mod that many of you may remember.


Oh right! And we have Hydrogel. It's a gel block that hydrates farmland. That's it. You'll thank the mod maker later.


Oh! OH! OH! PlusTic adds integration between Construct's Armory and Simply Jetpacks. Put your Construct's Armory Chestplate in the Armor Forge, and a Jetpack of your choice (except the Jet Plates, those don't work) in one of the other 5 slots, and it'll use a modifier to add the jetpack (at it's current stats, so if you use a Leadstone Jetpack your chestplate will use the Leadstone flight/fuel/speed multipliers)! Note, there's no option to upgrade the jetpack later, so be sure that you've got the right jetpack (for instance you CANNOT upgrade a Hardened Jetpack (TE level 2 variant) to an Enderium Jetpack (TE level 4 variant), it's simply not allowed, so whatever jetpack you put on that chestpiece is there for life, and with Tinker's Tools Leveling life for your armor can be a looooooong time.) Because the Jetplates cannot be used, I have made the Tier 4 Jetpacks (Enderium Jetpack and Vibrant Jetpack) use the Tier 5 (Flux-infused and Dark Soularium Jetplates) stats for Vertical flight, speed boost, hover, and sideways movement, that way you don't have to choose between your jetplate and your TiCon Armor.


Also, Tinker's MEMEs adds back an electricity modifier for your TiCon Tools/Armor, so you can run them off RF instead of Durability, just like the good ol' days.


Oh, and finally this pack has Too Many Efficiency Losses, which turns off the efficiency loss of Extra Utilities 2 mills (so use all the water mills you want, go crazy!).


finally, the original image I'm using as the clip for this mod pack (don't want anyone to think I'm a dirty picture thief infringing on copyright)


That's pretty much everything. So, good luck, have fun, etc. 


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