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Snatched by aliens and brought to a hazardous water world where you are given one task: 


Create or find all 118 elements. 


Based around the mods Alchemistry and Gendustry , this mod will have you combining chemicals, creating new alchemical components and genetically restructuring species to obtain some of Earth's more rare elements. 


But that's not all, you will learn of the Galorians, discover and explore planets within their solar system. You will need to mine asteroids, collect gas from gas giants and live a full life as a chemical astronaut


But that's not all, you will get to live your dreams of being a chemical engineer as you use machines to charge elements with electrons and make new elements

But that's not all, with an easy to use and navigate quest book system, you will have all the guidance you need to be swimming in chemicals. Figuratively, not literally. 


You have been CHOSEN, will you complete the task?


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RAM MIN: 4 - 6 GB


You should not need to select a world type to play. All island creation is handled through the quest book.