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Performant, vanilla-compatible modpack for people who play the game too much.

This pack is heavily based on Fabulously Optimized. As such, it can be thought of as a version of that pack that doesn't shy away from experience-altering mods. In addition to the performance improvements that Fabric mods offer, Cherry Cream makes an explicit effort to include a wide array of mods that either improve upon existing vanilla features or add utilities to make those features more exposed, accessible, and cool.

Since this pack is exclusively client-side, it doesn't actually alter the way your world works¹, and as such should be usable on most vanilla servers².


Easily-Digestible Bullet Point List of Features That Isn't a Comprehensive List:

  • Must-have performance enhancement (jellysquid suite, Starlight)
  • Optifine replacements (a lot)
  • Technical player QoL (MiniHUD, Carpet, Litematica)
  • Casual player QoL (Cherished Worlds, Xaero's Mini/World Map, Zoomify)
  • Stuff that's just really cool (Perspective Mod Redux, Farsight, LambDynamicLights, Simple Voice Chat)

A few mods are included but (when I get around to it will be) disabled by default as they very noticeably change the game's aesthetic. These are:

  • LambdaBetterGrass
  • Dynamic FPS
  • Cull Less Leaves

They can all be quickly enabled in-game through the Mods menu.

The overwhelming majority of work involved in this pack was done by the individual modders. My contribution of compiling them is only to provide convenience to players who have similar mod preferences to my own. If you have any mod recommendations (especially any missing OptiFine substitutes), please submit them in the Issues tab above.


¹ Some included mods, such as Carpet, are capable of affecting your singleplayer worlds if you change the config, but by default will not.

² Perspective Mod Redux is banned on some servers, including Hypixel. Use at your own risk!