Welcome to Butzenbauer's modpack: Butzenbauer 2


The latest iteration of Butzenbauer, reimagined for Minecraft version 1.19.2


Immerse yourself in a world where technological advancements, resource production, and agriculture take center stage. Whether you're an experienced player or new to modded Minecraft, "Butzenbauer 2" offers a wealth of content to explore and enjoy.


Key Features:

  1. Technological Advancements: Dive into a world of advanced machinery and automation. Master the intricacies of various tech mods to streamline your resource gathering and processing.
  2. Production and Farming: Cultivate lush fields, breed animals, and develop efficient production systems to generate valuable resources and goods.
  3. Space Exploration: Embark on interstellar adventures by venturing into space. Uncover new celestial realms, collect rare materials, and build bases among the stars.
  4. Dimensional Expansion: Create and explore new dimensions, each with its unique challenges and treasures. Expand your horizons by venturing into the unknown.
  5. Quest-Driven Experience: "Butzenbauer 2" offers an evolving quest system that guides players through important mods and gameplay mechanics. Stay engaged as new quests are continually added to enhance your gaming experience.


With "Butzenbauer 2," the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to build a technological empire, cultivate bountiful farms, or explore the far reaches of space and beyond, this modpack provides an exciting and immersive journey. Join us on this thrilling adventure and watch as "Butzenbauer 2" continues to evolve with exciting new content and features. Your Minecraft experience will never be the same again!