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Welcome to Butzenbauer's modpack


This is just another tech modpack for 1.12.2 with about 140+ mods (included cores & libs).

It will offer you several essential technical mods with focus on energy production, farming and automation. Beside that there are some mods for magic (Thaumcraft & Astral Sorcery), agriculture, fun (portalgun, morph) and more.


There are almost no restrictions or limitations, so you should be careful if youre going to host this modpack on a server.

Most of the recipes aren't tightened and I won't tighten them, so people can fast increase their technical progress to reach "end-game-content".


Here is a short list of the essential technical mods:


  • Mekansim
  • RFTools
  • Extreme Reactors
  • Applied Energistics
  • Refined Storage
  • IndustrialCraft
  • Inustrial Foregoing
  • Galacticraft
  • Thermal Expansion
  • EnderIO
  • Open Computers
  • CC: Tewaked
  • Gendustry
  • Career Bees
  • ... and more (full list in file description)


Beware: This modpack is in development state. There will be some issues with alpha and beta builds (e.g. recipe- and mod conflicts that could crash the game)!