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Welcome to the new Adventure presented by BlutmondGilden Network.

Why does exist this Modpack?
Very much members of the BlutmondGilde are playing Modded Minecraft and to bring all of this members together the BlutmondGilde administrators create this Modpack.
Why is this Modpack in Curseforge?

This Modpack has been moved from the Technic platform to the Curseforge platform because Curseforge is the better platform to create Modpacks for big communitys.

What is new in this Modpack?

This Modpack contains 24.000+ new Items and more difficult recipes. New features and very Epic Mobs.

Here some epic things:

be an botanist

or a magician

or a mechanic

Build a Village

Explore Dungeons

Explore the Nature

or just do your own thing. Write your own legend and have fun with other Players.

All of you can play with a wonderful community on a Public Server.



The Modpack has a Public beta Server. The Server-IP is below. 

Please support us on Patreon. ♥

You can visit us at our TeamSpeak Server too. 




All mods are here listed by Curseforge: Klick me

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  5. 666 downloads (DEVIL EVENT)
  6. 1.000 downloads
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  8. 9.999 downloads (ANGEL EVENT)
  9. 10.000 downloads
  10. 50.000 downloads
  11. 100.000 downloads
  12. 500.000 downloads
  13. 1.000.000 downloads (GOD EVENT)



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